How to find your house from anywhere in Minecraft?

It is not very challenging to find your house in Minecraft.

How to find your house from anywhere in Minecraft?

Mojang Studio’s Minecraft is very lucrative open world game. It allows the player to roam , explore, build and experiment in this world of boxes. The game gives the player the freedom to be creative without much of an restriction. The Minecraft game has a huge cult following , fan websites, players blogs and various other internet fanbases.

The game is available on almost all the platform and the specification which lay below certain level allows larger pool of audience to experience this game making is among the followed and played game in the world. With that it has certain modes like single player, co-op mode and a lot more adventure missions to choose from.

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Losing your way back to home is not a new issue. When it comes to exploring a huge open world game like Minecraft. It becomes quite frustrating to find your way back to home. But worry not, since here are various fun ways to find your way back home in Minecraft without too much hassle.

Ways to find your way back home from anywhere in Minecraft

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  • Compass: You can use a compass to navigate your way back home, as the compass will always show directions and also point towards your home. follow the tracks and your will reach your home. Compass is built with one red stone and iron if you already don’t have one.
  • Turn off cloud and build a tall pillar until you reach the height from where you can see through most topography. This will make you see a place of familiarity or even your house in distance.
  • Another way is quite drastic and requires some pre work that has already been set in the motion in the past. This time you require a screenshot of your co-ordinates of house. Generally people playing Minecraft have screenshot of their house which has co-ordinate of same when pressed F3 on keyboard. These screenshots can be found in Minecraft folder in “Roaming further” folder in same. with this you can no compare your current co-ordinate and close on in your home using the same.
  • Another resort is to save the game and exit your world and then click on the recreate button. For those wondering what happens to progress? No worries. It does not override your already saved data or progress in the game.
  • Last but not the most sought after way to get back to your home is to die. But players can do some improvising for their inventory. Put all your inventory in a chest and hide it somewhere. Screenshot the location of your inventory after pressing F3 and then save the coordinates. After respawning at your house you can find your way back to treasure.

These are the simple ways to make sure you find a safe way to your home without too much fuss and hope that it gets the job done for you in the Mojang Studios title. happy journey!

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