How to fix server authentication error. login failed error in BGMI?

BattleGrounds Mobile India Players are suffering again.

How to fix server authentication error. login failed error in BGMI?

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BGMI Players have been facing login problems since the morning of August 30th, 2023. The issue started just after the game completed the three-month trial period after being suspended. Many Players have been unable to access the game due to server authentication issues and are waiting for a fix. The issue has been noticed by Krafton who are working to resolve it.

Krafton has revealed that they are aware of the issue that players are experiencing login failure. They are investigating the issue and will report back once they get a solution. The server authentication problem is due to the game being unable to recognize the player’s login credentials. The message “Server authentication error, Login Failed” is popping up on the default game screen even after repeated attempts.


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Ways To Troubleshoot the Login Problem in BGMI

Posted via Krafton India’s official website

The Authentication issue mostly likely stems from a patch that was issued during the server maintenance. This means that it is probably the fault of the BGMI devs and will be resolved on its own. But there is a slight possibility that it is caused by various other reasons from the device. The players can ensure that the problem is not pertaining from their side by using the following steps:

  • Reboot: Sometimes the game glitches during the boot and gives an authentication error. Reboot and check if the issue is solved.
  • Restart: Restarting the mobile is another way to ensure that the device is not causing the issue.
  • Check Internet Connection: Ensure that the internet that is connected is working smoothly during the login procedure. Also, try logging in after changing the network to make sure.
  • Repair Client: Use the repair client feature that is present in the start screen of the BGMI. It will troubleshoot all the basic problems inside the game and may fix the issue.

Even after following the steps, if the issue is not resolved then wait for the game developers to fix the issue. The issue is most like solved by server maintenance. Players should wait for an official update from Krafton India who are definitely looking for a quick fix. BGMI is here to stay and bringing in new and exciting content for us to game on. Along with a regrowing esports community, the game is going back to its previous glory. Minor Authentication issues like this one are nothing to worry about as Krafton has got you covered.


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