How to hijack a ship in Starfield Space Pirate?

Players can get their hands on great ships by hijackng them.

How to hijack a ship in Starfield Space Pirate?

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In the boundless expanse of the Starfield universe, adventure awaits those who dare to seize it. Bethesda’s latest masterpiece promises gamers an enthralling space odyssey, and at the heart of this cosmic journey lies the tantalizing opportunity to become a spacefaring pirate of legendary repute. The allure of hijacking and commandeering ships, leaving a trail of notoriety in your wake, is a central theme in Starfield’s gameplay.


This guide will embark on an exploration of the intricacies of ship hijacking, providing aspiring space pirates with the knowledge and strategies they need to navigate the treacherous waters of the galaxy, seize control of vessels, and carve their name into the annals of Starfield’s history.

To hijack ships, you must invest in the “Targeting Control Systems” skill from the skill tree and reach at least level 1 proficiency. This skill is essential for disabling a ship’s internal engines, a crucial step in the hijacking process.

Not all ships in Starfield are ripe for hijacking. You’ll encounter various types of vessels, and knowing which ones to target is essential for a successful raid:

  1. Enemy Ships: Enemy ships, such as those belonging to the Va’ruun faction or other space pirates, are prime targets. These ships will engage you in combat on sight, providing an opportunity for hijacking.
  2. Civilian Ships: Civilian ships can also be hijacked, but the approach is different. You’ll need to hail them, causing them to stop their movement. This gives you the opening you need to board and begin the hijacking process.

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Hijacking a ship in Starfield

How to hijack a ship in Starfield Space Pirate?
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Approach the target ship closely and initiate an attack. This tactic works well for enemy ships that pose an immediate threat. When dealing with civilian ships, initiate contact by hailing them. This will halt their movement and allow you to approach for boarding.

To gain control of the ship, you’ll need to disable its internal engines. Select the “ENG” (engine) option and enter Target Lock mode. Use your ship’s weaponry to gradually reduce the engine’s health until it’s completely destroyed. Be cautious not to overdo it, as destroying the hull will ruin your chances of hijacking the ship.

Once the ship’s engines are incapacitated, press the designated button (X on the Xbox controller or Space on the keyboard) to dock with the target vessel. Your character will then automatically board the ship. With your boots on the enemy ship’s deck, it’s time to take control.


Taking control of the ship

Expect fierce resistance from the ship’s occupants. Your first task is to eliminate all hostile combatants inside the ship. Keep in mind that the number and difficulty of enemies will vary depending on the size and class of the ship. Larger ships tend to have more formidable defenses. Once you’ve cleared the ship of hostiles, you’ll need to eliminate the pilot and take control. Ensure you have at least one point invested in the Piloting skill. Some character backgrounds, like Bounty Hunter, Long Hauler, Space Scoundrel, or File Not Found, automatically grant this skill. For piloting higher-class ships, you’ll need to invest more points in the Piloting skill line.

After successfully hijacking a ship, your efforts should yield substantial rewards. You can choose to sell the captured vessel for a high value, adding to your growing pirate wealth.

Becoming a feared space pirate in Bethesda’s Starfield requires strategy, skill, and daring. Learning how to hijack ships effectively is a significant step towards achieving pirate notoriety. With this guide, you’re now equipped to navigate the cosmos, board enemy vessels, and seize your place among the stars as a legendary space pirate.

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