How to investigate Kagha in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Unlock Mysteries and get The Pale Oak, a magical weapon.

How to investigate Kagha in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can take the side task “Investigate Kagha”. It is entirely optional and easily overlooked, therefore the tutorial will assist you in locating the quest as well as following the next steps to guarantee that the grove has the happiest conclusion possible. The takes on Baldur’s Gate 3 have been impressive and the comparison is Supreme.


With such mysteries to unlock and strong characters involved throughout the game, it has gained popularity worldwide. Kagha can be found at Druid Grove. She is willing to perform the Rite of Thorns in the Grove, closing it to Tieflings and leaving them. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. 

Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party take.

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Persuading Kagha In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you try to persuade Kagha to let Arabella go, she will listen, making Rath happy. He will applaud you for standing up for the girl. This comment will be rejected by Lae’zel, but approved by Shadowheart, Wyll, Karlach, and Gale. If Arabella lives, her parents, Komira and Locke, will thank you when you return to them and finish the quest: Save Arabella.

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  • After rescuing Arabella, go inside the door adjacent to Kagha. Hug the left wall, walk past the bookcase, and look for a hole.
  • To find Kagha’s Chest, hop through the gap and to the back of the bookcase. It is necessary for someone to pick the lock and wait until the character in the room turns around.

To go to the Sunlit Wetlands in the southwest, follow the directions in the note. Repair the elevator so Kagha’s location is more accessible, then leave. Look behind the tree when you arrive at the tree with the Redcaps or sheep (depending on the check upon entering the swamp). This is the piece that players must use to reveal Kagha.

Confront her with the knowledge, only to discover that not everything in Druid Grove was as it seemed. With that, you’ve finished the Investigate Kagha task in Baldur’s Gate 3!

You will receive XP at the end of each task! Kagha will also gift you the Pale Oak, a magical weapon. The Pale Oak protects the wearer against Druidic vines and grants a free casting of Faithwarden’s Vines. From Casting different spells to finding exquisite locations, there’s a lot you need to go through to make life easy on Baldur’s Gate 3.


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