How to make Black Dye in Minecraft

Black Dye can be crafted with a few easy steps.

How to make Black Dye in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you can express your creativity and build amazing structures, but it is also a survival game where you need to gather resources to survive. One of the resources that you will need in Minecraft is dye, and black dye is one of the most useful dyes in the game. This article will discuss how to get black dye in Minecraft.


The black dye is a primary color dye that looks similar to the ink sac. It is used to apply black color to certain objects. The following versions of Minecraft support black dye: Java edition (1.14), Pocket edition (1.8.0), Xbox One (1.8.0), PS4 (1.83), Nintendo Switch (1.8.0), Windows 10 edition (1.8.0), and Education edition (1.9.0). However, the Xbox 360, Ps3, and Wii U versions do not support black dye in Minecraft.

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Obtaining Black Dye in Minecraft


To obtain a black dye, you can use any of the following methods: trading or crafting.



The first option is to obtain a black dye by trading. The wandering traders have chances of trading 3 black dyes for the price of 1 Emerald. Trading with a wandering trader is usually pretty expensive and also feels like a scam. Since emeralds are pretty hard to find and crafting black dye is not that difficult.


The second option is to craft a black dye on your own. To make a black dye in Minecraft, players need to put the items in any of the blocks in the 3×3 crafting grid. There are two ways to make a black dye in Minecraft: with an ink sac or with a wither rose.

With ink sac

The first method requires players to have an ink sac. Players can get ink sacs from the squid or through trading with a wandering trader. To get your hands on an ink sac, you need to first find a squid. Squids usually roam freely in rivers and open seas. However, sometimes they get stuck at the corner of the land. Here, they end up suffocating themselves to death. Or else you might have to kill them. Squids have a 100% probability of dropping an ink sack. Once players have an ink sac, put it in any of the blocks available in the grid and they are done.

With wither rose

Credits: Minecraft

The second method asks you to have a wither rose. It is important to remember that the wither rose cannot be obtained when playing in the peaceful difficulty in Survival. The only way to get a wither rose in survival is with a Wither killing a mob. A wither rose is dropped at the place where the mob was killed. This depends on the location where the mob was last present before it was killed by the wither. Once you have a wither rose, you can craft a black dye exactly the same way as the squid ink sac.


Getting black dye in Minecraft is not a difficult task. You can either trade with a wandering trader or craft it on your own by obtaining an ink sac or a wither rose. With black dye, you can create a lot of things and make your structures more beautiful.

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