How to make Spiral Staircase in Minecraft

Find out how to create spiral staircases in Minecraft!

How to make Spiral Staircase in Minecraft

Spiral staircase Minecraft

Stairs are an essential part of Minecraft, providing players with a means to travel through different elevations quickly and easily. Players can use stairs for decoration and design purposes; they come in various colors and materials such as wood and stone. While building a regular staircase may be easy in the game, making spiral staircases is quite challenging if you don’t know the proper way.

Besides the basic and spiral staircases, players can also build ones that are quite complex in nature in Minecraft. It is possible to blend stairs with other structures, such as roofs or floor pits. You can even merge with other stairs in the correct direction to create a smooth transition.


Players can choose from 31 different types of staircase combinations in the game. So, players can experiment with different materials and colors to create unique and visually appealing designs.

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Step by step guide to building a spiral staircase in Minecraft

Spiral staircase

Image source Minecraft


A spiral staircase is an ideal focal piece for Minecraft structures, as it takes up less space than a visible staircase. A smaller staircase will consist of a single block or a 2×2 square, but players can also go for the smaller version (3×3 squares).

  • The first step in creating a spiral staircase is to include a center, which can be a circle rather than a square for more design options.
Spiral staircase

Image via Minecraft

  • Always install a flat block wood or stone (solid block, slab, or upside-down stairs) at the corners where the staircase turns, with the steps connecting to them.
  • Players should us slabs if they are beginners over stair blocks. Slabs also make the spiral staircase climb smoother and easier.
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Image via Minecraft

  • Place slabs clockwise as you climb up the stairs. The slab should be placed at the edge in order for it too look like as shown in the image.

Keep repeating the process over and over and you will end up with a spiral staircase. Players can also build grand staircases, tree staircases and many more following this method.

Players can use various woods or cobblestones to build staircases:

Wood TypesStone Types
Dark OakSmooth Stone
Crimson WoodBrick
Warped WoodMossy Cobblestone
Mossy Stone Bricks

Minecraft offers a variety of stair options made from different types of wood and stone, each with their unique aesthetic. The choice of material used for stairs can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of a structure. By understanding the different types of wood and stone available in the game, players can experiment with different combinations to create stunning architectural works.


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