How to play the popular card game “UNO” in Fortnite?

Enjoy the classic card game with friends in Fortnite

How to play the popular card game “UNO” in Fortnite?

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Fortnite has been in the ruling battle royale genre for some time now and has held its ground by bringing some new stuff to the game regularly. Epic Games makes sure that not only the existing players stay engaged in the game, but it also attracts new players. So when players get bored of the normal battle royale mayhem, they head to the different game modes to experience a whole new world of Fortnite, thanks to Creative 2.0.


Creative 2.0 has opened endless possibilities for players to explore. Various other famous games have their versions in Creative 2.0, like Only Up, Red vs. Blue, etc., and have been very popular among players. Another interesting addition to the list is the popular card game UNO. The Fortnite creator Manuel Otheo has created this card game, which is named FortUNO. He also released a snippet of the map on his X account, which allows you to play the map with your friends.

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Enjoy UNO with your friends in Fortnite

How to play the popular card game "UNO" in Fortnite?
Image via X

Almost every person in this world has played or even heard about the UNO. It has been in the OG card game for normal parties and gatherings, which people like very much. The popular card game has finally made its way into Fortnite. You can find the game under the Discover row, under Board Games, and Competitive. For simplicity, you can follow these steps to experience FortUNO in Fortnite:

  • Launch Fortnite and access the Game Mode menu.
  • Go to the Island Code tab and input 9573-7199-4945 in the designated text box.
  • Press Enter to load the island, labeled as FortUNO.
  • Click on Play and select Public Game to join and play with opponents.

All the rules of the game are similar to the original UNO game where the goal is to have zero cards to win the game. There are a total of 108 playable cards and a max of 4 players can play the game at a time. The 108 cards also include special cards like Draw 4 and WILD and more special cards will also be coming as confirmed by the creator. There will be your cards in front of you and to choose them you need to shoot on the card of your choice.

Creative 2.0 is one of the best things that has happened to Fortnite. Players can enjoy and experience UNO like never before in Fortnite. So gather your friends, hop onto the island with the code provided, and immerse yourself in the thrilling and fun-filled FortUNO experience.

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