How to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2

Unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2 and queue up against some of the best in the game.

How to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Competitive play (Blizzard Entertainement)

Overwatch 2 competitive game play offers players various ranks and engaging levels to beat. However, newer player who are looking to get play Competitive mode might not be able to right of the bat. In order to unlock it players need to complete certain tasks first.

The new season of Overwatch 2 introduced various new cosmetics to the game. Blizzard Entertainment added a new battle pass that introduced new cosmetic alongside a new hero into the game. But to avail all of these and increase your XP to unlock more goodies you will need to play competitive mode.


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How to get access to Competitive play challenge in Overwatch 2

Players who are new to Overwatch 2 but have played various others shooter games may need to know few things to unlock Competitive play. Rookies need to go through tutorials, First Time User Experience (FUET) prior to even thinking about playing against real life opponents. Blizzard’s goal it seems that players need to know the basics first and then try their hand in other game modes.


After the completion of the tutorial’s players will need to play few placements matches. These matches fall under the ‘Competitive Play Qualification’ challenges, in which one must play 50 quick matches to complete. Players will have access to game modes Escort, Push, Control and Hybrid during this challenge. Play 50 quick matches and competitive play will be unlocked and players can duke it out against each other.

But returning players don’t need to go through the FUET process and can jump right in. They will have the competitive mode unlocked but they will still need to go through few placement matches in order to receive a Rank. After the first game players will get a provisional rank that may or may not change later on. Players need to either get seven wins or 20 losses to get placed in the competitive update.

How to track your progress

Overwatch 2 Competitive gameplay

Image source Blizzard Entertainment


In order for players to keep track of their progress in Overwatch 2, they need to head over to ‘Competitive’ slot under the challenges menu. Next locate the Competitive Play Qualification’ challenge slot which will indicate the number of matches you have played and how many remain. Complete 50 matches and you will get to play Competitive mode in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch has various ranks similar to CS: GO and VALORANT that identifies a player’s competitive level. Players start from Bronze which is rock bottom and win their way up the ladder to the Grand Master. Apart from ranks there is also 3 categories that the heroes of the game fall under. These categories are DPS, Support and Tank. For newcomers to the game, they should choose either DPS or Support characters till they have a good grasp of the game.

Blizzard uses Competitive game play data to make fair matchmaking. Competitive game play also ensures that players will have less chance to come across toxicity. The fair matchmaking will also ensure that newer players don’t overlap with experience players for better gameplay experience.


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