How to use weapon mods in Fortnite? Everything you need to know about attachments

Weapon Mods and Attachments have finally made their way to Fortnite that can be used to improve your weapon's performance

How to use weapon mods in Fortnite? Everything you need to know about attachments

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Epic Games does a great job of keeping the game fresh by constantly adding new gameplay mechanics and features to Fortnite. Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 is no exception. The developers of the game have added weapon mods in Fortnite. While weapon attachments are nothing new in video games, this is the first time fans are seeing them in the popular battle royale.

Weapon Mods in Fortnite have allowed players to customise the weapons they possess with a variety of attachments. Epic Games has added a new item called the Weapon Bench that allows you to add weapon mods or attachments to your weapons, thus improving their performance.


How do Weapons Mods work in Fortnite?

Players are allowed up to four different weapon mods on their weapons. The four weapon mods are Optic, Barrel, Magazine, and Underbarrel. Optics allow you additional zoom on your ADS. Barrels offer you a choice between a muzzle break and a suppressor. Magazines allow you to either increase your mag capacity or reload faster, and underbarrels allow you to play with recoil and hipfire spread.

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Image via: Epic Games

These mods are available in exchange for gold bars in the newly added vaults. The new map contains five faults scattered across the map. You must defeat a boss wandering the POI and use the Society Medallon to access these vaults. These vaults have plenty of gold to harvest to acquire gun mods. Each of these vaults also contains a weapon bench located inside.

After opening the vault, approach the bench and hold your use button to open the mod menu that allows you to customize your weapon in exchange for gold bars. Be careful while applying weapon mods to your guns, as not every mod works with every weapon. Furthermore, you can acquire weapons from loot chests pre-installed with gun mods. Different weapons ranging across different rarities have a fixed number of mods attached to them already –

  • Uncommon Weapon – One pre-installed Weapon Mod.
  • Rare Weapon – Two pre-installed Weapon Mods.
  • Epic Weapon – Three pre-installed Weapon Mods.
  • Legendary Weapon – Four pre-installed Weapon Mods.

Many players are happy with the addition of weapons mods in Fortnite. This was one feature that missing from the battle royale for quite a long time and is now available for players. These will add extra depth to the gunplay in the game.

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