Is Madden NFL 24 available on Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass reigns as the primary choice for many gamers and Madden 24, despite a bumpy start, has made a place in Football fans' hearts. Sohere's everything you need to know about availability of Madden 24 on the Xbox Game pass

Is Madden NFL 24 available on Xbox Game Pass?

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After much waiting, Madden 24 is now well-settled on the Gaming Market. As players are busy exploring the new features added to the game’s Franchise Mode and immerse themselves in a brand-new season of football action. Since the launch of Madden 24, it has been accessible via several Stores. The most typical approach is to make a straight-up purchase. It has a specific cost whether it is done physically or digitally.

Now that the game is out, gamers might be asking if Xbox Game Pass allows them to play it. We are therefore here to address this question and offer all the information we presently possess regarding Madden 24’s membership in the Microsoft subscription service. Here’s everything you need to know about Madden 24 being included on Xbox Game Pass.


Does Xbox Game Pass have Madden 24?

To answer this question simply, No. As it’s been only a couple of months since the release of  Madden 24 it’s hard to expect it to be included in Game Pass. This does not mean that the game will not be offered to the streaming service in the future, though. After all, Game Pass offers access to the series’ earlier instalments. In addition to EA Sports’ football games, Game Pass offers titles at a monthly cost of only $25.

Madden 24
Madden 24 (Image via EA Sports)

Madden 24 is one of the most trending games right now, despite the heavy critics in the beginning. While many fans were not happy with the player ratings, the server issues also had a lot to do with it.

When can fans expect Madden 24 to arrive on Xbox Game Pass?

A few days before the Super Bowl was played in February 2023, Madden 23 was introduced to the service. This scheduling with the Super Bowl, the greatest NFL event of the season, was probably arranged since there was a lot of attention to the event. Thus, EA and Xbox wanted to reach fans who wanted to enjoy the game during the Super Bowl month. So, fans can expect the latest Madden instalment on the Game Pass around the month of February.


NFL Players had a mixed reaction to the ratings. Also, Celebrities like Snoop Dogg were seen complaining about the bad connectivity and maintenance in the first week. Most of the issues seem to be resolved. Also, The gameplay and new features have been a treat to its players and fan base.

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