Is Minecraft Legends crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC?

Is Minecraft Legends going to be crossplay? Find out here!

Is Minecraft Legends crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC?

Minecraft has been a global phenomenon ever since its release in the beta version. People had just started exploring the randomly generated world that was seemingly endless and had endless possibilities for what you could do in the game.


Ever since its re-popularization in late 2019, the game has grown new wings and is reaching new heights with new titles in the series coming out, and even a movie starring Jason Momoa in the works!

One of the latest upcoming games in the franchise is none other than Minecraft Legends. It is supposedly going to be an action-strategy game developed by Mojang Studios – the folks behind the original Minecraft, and Blackbird Interactive.

Minecraft Legends is said to have 2 game modes coming to it – the story mode, and the multiplayer mode. Both these modes have been said to be greatly impressive by reviewers and have certainly built hype around the newly releasing title.


With the question of multiplayer coming into the scene, there is one question that is begging to be answered among fans. And that question is: Is Minecraft Legends going to allow crossplay across different platforms?

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Is Minecraft Legends Crossplay?

Minecraft Legends

Considering that the vanilla version of Minecraft, which is still the most popular release amongst every title released by Mojang, supports crossplay and allows players to play together regardless of whatever platform they might be playing on, the question that remains to be answered is whether or not the upcoming title will support the same feature.

The answer to the question was answered by Mojang themselves when they revealed to the public that indeed, Minecraft Legends will be supporting crossplay between all platforms that the game will be releasing onto – PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and of course, PC.


With that question answered, a lot of gamers have taken a sigh of relief as they would be able to enjoy the game with their buddies who might use a different platform altogether for their gaming needs.

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