Is Steam down? How to check Steam server status

Steam servers also occassionally go down, so here's how you can check this.

Is Steam down? How to check Steam server status


Steam is Valve’s digital storefront for video games. It is one of the most famous places for gamers worldwide to get newly released games or even vintage ones. Steam, being such a widely used platform, hardly has its server down, but it does happen rarely.

Steam was launched in 2003 as a software for Valve to release updates for its games. However, in late 2005, Steam started distributing third-party games, giving birth to one of the biggest digital stores in the world. It allows its players to play and talk to friends online. They also have massive communities of multiple games. With millions of people using it, its servers hardly go down. If the server for the platform does go down, the internet is buzzing with complaints and questions.

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How to check Steam server status

In the rare occasion of Steam’s server being down, there are a few websites that you can check to see the status of the server.

Steam & Game Stats

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Steam & Game Stats is Valve’s official website showing the server activity for Steam. It also displays the Top 10 and Top 100 most played games on Steam by users. Although the website does not actually show the server status, it does display the graph on user activity in the past 48 hours. A big dip in the graph usually signifies a server breakdown. However a dip can also signify a large number of players from a major time-zone closing a running app as the graph shows global user activity.

Untitled design 2023 04 26T193512.738 is a third party website that shows the server availability in different regions. Beside server availability it also has a live map showing the condition of servers in different regions. A blue dot on the map signifies that the server is functioning normally and no problems should arise. A orange dot signifies high traffic in the server and users can face trouble loading the community market and other Steam services. A red dot signifies that a sever for the particular region is completely down and not functioning.

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