Fnatic Leo Valorant settings: Sensitivity, crosshair, keybindings, and PC specs

Here is everything you need to know about Fnatic's trump card's Valorant settings.

Fnatic Leo Valorant settings: Sensitivity, crosshair, keybindings, and PC specs

Leo ‘Leo’ Jannesson is a skilled 19-year-old Valorant eSports player from Sweden. He’s gained recognition as an important member of Fnatic, one of the best esports teams, ever since he joined them on October 16, 2022. He has been doing well in the esports scene, and he has earned a total of $130,305.48 in prize money. Leo has impressed everyone, so fans are eager to know what Valorant settings he is using to demolish opponents. 

Leo is known for being good and smart in the game. He has a 1.25 rating after playing 6,091 rounds, which is impressive. His average combat score is 234.6, and he deals an average of 150.9 damage per round. Leo’s KAST percentage is high at 81.4%, showing that he makes important plays and helps his team succeed. He has a first-blood success rate of 63% and a 22.0% headshot percentage, which means he is consistently a strong player on the virtual battlefield.

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Fnatic Leo Valorant settings

Fnatic Leo Valorant settings: Sensitivity, crosshair, keybindings, and PC specs
Image via Riot Games

Mouse settings

  • DPI: 400
  • Sensitivity: 0.41
  • TPI: 164
  • Zoom Sensitivity: 1
  • Hz: 1000
  • Windows Sensitivity: 6
  • Raw Input Buffer: Off



  • Color: White
  • Crosshair Color: #FFFFFF
  • Outlines: Off
  • Center Dot: Off

Inner Lines

  • Show Inner Lines: On
  • Inner Line Opacity: 1
  • Inner Line Length: 3
  • Inner Line Thickness: 2
  • Inner Line Offset: 0
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

Outer lines

  • Show Outer Lines: Off
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

Crosshair Code: 0;P;h;0;0l;3;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0


Movement Keybinds

  • Walk: L-Shift
  • Crouch: L-Ctrl
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Use Object: F

Equipment Keybinds

  • Equip Primary Weapon: 1
  • Equip Secondary Weapon: 2
  • Equip Melee Weapon: 3
  • Equip Spike: 4

Agent Abilities Keybinds

  • Use/Equip Ability 1: Z
  • Use/Equip Ability 2: C
  • Use/Equip Ability 3: Q
  • Use/Equip Ability Ultimate: X

Radar Settings

  • Rotate: Rotate
  • Fixed Orientation: Based On the Side
  • Keep Player Centered: Off
  • Minimap Size: 1.037
  • Minimap Zoom: 0.622
  • Minimap Vision Cones: On
  • Show Map Region Names: Always

Video settings


  • Resolution: 1280×1024
  • Aspect Ratio: 5:4
  • Aspect Ratio Method: Letterbox
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen

Graphics quality

  • Multithreaded Rendering: On
  • Material Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Detail Quality: Low
  • UI Quality: High
  • Vignette: On
  • VSync: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: MSAA 4x
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 8x
  • Improve Clarity: Off
  • Experimental Sharpening: Off
  • Bloom: On
  • Distortion: On
  • Cast Shadows: On


  • Enemy Highlight Color: Yellow (Deuteranopia)

PC Gear

Leo focuses on accuracy, control, and making things easy to use, so his sensitivity, crosshair, and keybindings are adjusted to help him perform better. Along with his strong PC specs, Leo’s setup is what makes him successful as a Valorant pro. Players who want to improve can learn important lessons from Leo’s approach to settings. Trying out different setups and finding what works best for their style of play is essential to reaching their highest potential.

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