Who is Lifeweaver’s voice actor in Overwatch 2?

Find out who is the voice actor for Overwatch 2's latest support hero, Lifeweaver!

Who is Lifeweaver’s voice actor in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch, a paid team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment, saw massive success after its release in 2016. Fans were awestruck by the unique game mechanics. Unlike a typical first-person shooter, Overwatch utilized a class system assigned to multiple heroes with different abilities. The unique gameplay modes and character abilities made Overwatch an unforgettable and addicting experience. Keeping Overwatch’s success in mind, Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch 2 last year in October. Though this time, they made it free-to-play, which boosted the player base to different heights. All playable characters in the game, or as Overwatch calls them, ‘Heroes,’ have different abilities and ‘voice lines.’

Overwatch’s latest hero, Lifeweaver, has created quite the buzz in the community. Here’s everything you need to know about this character’s voice actor.

Who is Lifeweaver’s voice actor?

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Phuwin Tangsakyuen is Lifeweaver’s voice actor

Lifeweaver, a new Hero in Overwatch 2, was just launched a few days ago. Lifeweaver’s voice actor is a prominent Thai actor named Phuwin Tangsakyuen. Nicknamed Phuwin, he works under GMMTV, a television production and talent agent subsidiary of the Thai entertainment conglomerate GMM Grammy. He was born in Bangkok and went to an international school there until year eleven, at which point he earned his GED and enrolled at Chulalongkorn. He is enrolled in an international course at this time, studying Information and Communication Engineering. In addition to his native language, he also speaks English quite well.

Phuwin, at the tender age of eleven, made his TV acting debut. He appeared in “The Sound of Music” at Myangthai Rachadalai Theatre in 2015. Yet it wasn’t until 2021, when he starred in “Fish Upon the Sky,” that he became a household name.

Phuwin is also a talented vocalist, having performed the title track, “Living for You,” to his series “Never Let Me Go.” Staring as Lifeweaver’s voice actor has added more fame to his name. Considering how Lifeweaver is slowly turning into a widely used hero, Phuwin’s voice recognition is bound to increase much more.

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Lifeweaver is Overwatch 2’s latest support Hero

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver win pose
Lifeweaver’s Win Pose

In Overwatch 2, Lifeweaver serves as a Support character. He was introduced to the game on April 11, 2023, making him the 37th hero overall.

The limit on how far one can go in mastering Lifeweaver is high. One downside is that he is not a good healer. Though his support kit is difficult to master without a high level of game knowledge. Mastering Lifeweaver can give an edge to a lot of Overwatch gamers out there.

You should note that Lifeweaver is not meant to take on the role of the main healer for your party. He has one of the lowest healing outputs in the game, with his main fire Healing Blossom dealing at most 65 healing points each shot at maximum charge. Each shot requires a full second of charging to that point. This makes finding a suitable support hero for him crucial since they may help even out his healing output.

This implies that you should employ Lifeweaver alongside other powerful healers, like Baptiste or Moira, and avoid using her with low-healing support characters, such as Zenyatta or Lucio. The tools that Lifeweaver provides are rather versatile.

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