Is Madden 24 cross-platform? Everything you need to know

Madden 24 is the latest NFL game; check if you can play the game on cross-platforms with each other!

Is Madden 24 cross-platform? Everything you need to know

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Madden 24 failed to impress at the release of the game but eventually grew in the community. The new diving catches are my favorites since they look amazing and increase the likelihood of catching balls that appear to be out of reach.

Additionally, Madden 24 is more adept at tracking player momentum. Regretfully, despite the play’s generally adequate quality and occasional displays of brilliance, it’s difficult to get rid of the impression that things won’t significantly improve unless someone at EA decides to.


Furthermore, fans have been wondering about the latest additions to the new game. EA has accepted the cross-platform feature in recent games. Previous versions of Madden do not have the mixed-matching feature, as we know. This article will tell you if Madden 24 is enabled for cross-play and the modes available below:

Does Madden 24 have crossplay?

The straight answer to this question is that crossplay is available in Madden 24. This simply means the version for the first time this generation on the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC; earlier PC versions ran the Xbox One/PS4 versions will be enabled in a vats lobby for matchmaking.

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It is also important to note that only the current generation of the game—which is playable on the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC—allows you to access cross-play features because of the significant differences between the game’s last generation and current generation. For example, this implies that Xbox One users are unable to play on any other platform.


Which Modes have crossplay?

Electronic Arts has stated that this adjustment should shorten player wait times for online head-to-head play, Madden Ultimate Team, Superstar KO, and Superstar Showdown in Madden 24.

This is the first time EA will allow cross-play in Madden. This extends the region widely, ensuring fast matchmaking and better connectivity among the players. The latest cartoons portray football as a violent sport in a realistic manner.

Best Madden NFL 24 settings for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
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The new contested-catch and passing animations, wrap-up tackles, and scoops—where big defensive backs lift offensive players by the legs and hurl them back onto the field—are my particular favorites in Madden 24.


Just like when you witness a great hit during a game, you feel it when it occurs on the field. The only difference is that you don’t feel guilty about enjoying the moment or not. Stay tuned for the latest updates and more.

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