Minecraft vs LEGO Fortnite: Which survival game is better?

LEGO Fortnite has been attracting a lot of players but can it beat Minecraft?

Minecraft vs LEGO Fortnite: Which survival game is better?

Minecraft and LEGO Fortnite (Image via Epic Games and Mojang Studios)

Minecraft is one of the most classic and fun survival games ever. The game has been a staple and a massive part of the gaming franchise for over a decade. Moreover, it is a cult classic that every player should play.

A new game in the survival genre, LEGO Fortnite is a new game mode that was added to Fortnite in December 2023. The game is new and innovative and allows players to dive deep into the world of LEGO and its different biomes.

Besides this, players have been wondering which game is the better survival game. Here’s everything you need to know.


When it comes to price, LEGO Fortnite is easily the cheaper alternative. LEGO Fortnite is a game mode in the free battle royale-based Fortnite. Players should note that LEGO Fortnite does have microtransactions.

Lego Fortnite
Lego Fortnite ( Image via EPIC Games)

Whereas, Minecraft is not free and is a one-time purchase that players will have to make in order to play it. Although Minecraft also has in-game transactions wherein players can buy servers or extra content, LEGO Fortnite is definitely more cost-effective.

World Size

The world of Minecraft is massive and full of a wide variety of different biomes and areas. Additionally, it is very immersive, and players can easily spend hundreds of hours exploring its different biomes.

Minecraft World.
Minecraft World. (image via Mojang Studios)

The world of LEGO Fortnite is also massive; it is 19 times the size of the Battle Royale map. But the game has only a few different types of biomes and areas. Although the map is large, the world of Minecraft is just better and more immersive.

Building Creativity

Both Minecraft and LEGO Fortnite have a huge emphasis on building. But Minecraft is the winner here, as the game gives players almost full freedom in its building possibilities. Moreover, the game gives players the ability to truly showcase all of their creative ideas.

Minecraft building
Minecraft building ( Image via Mojang Studios)

LEGO Fortnite also has an excellent and strong building system, but it is fundamental and strict in comparison to Minecraft. The building options are set and players don’t have as much freedom as they do in Minecraft while building.

Multiplayer Compatibility

Both games, LEGO Fortnite and Minecraft, are multiplayer and are commonly played by a group of friends, so multiplayer compatibility is very important.

Minecraft’s multiplay compatibility is a little strict, and it may be a chore for players to invite friends as a realm needs to be created. Minecraft also has some server issues that may cause problems for players.

LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite ( image via EPIC Games)

LEGO Fortnite, on the other hand, is straightforward in this regard. All players need to do this: Go online to the game and then invite their friends from the friend menu to start playing and exploring the world and biomes of LEGO Fortnite.

Building Assistance

With the freedom that Minecraft gives players while building, there is also some skill required. Making intricate structures in Minecraft may challenge players as they have no guide or blueprint to follow. This can make it pretty challenging and frustrating.

LEGO Fortnite Building
LEGO Fortnite Building ( Image via EPIC Games)

On the other hand, LEGO Fortnite gives players a massive variety of pre-set blueprints that they can use to construct. Additionally, throughout their journey in the world of LEGO Fortnite players will get new and improved blueprints that they can follow. LEGO Fortnite is the winner here by far.

Game Customization

A very important part of modern gaming is Game customization and the utilization of various mods to improve and change the games. Minecraft is ahead by far here, as it has a massive modding company that has created mods that make the game infinitely better.

Minecraft ( image via Mojan Studios)

LEGO Fortnite, on the other hand, is lacking massively in this category. It cannot be played with mods, and there is no external game customization. Minecraft is, therefore, the clear winner in this category.


While Minecraft is a classic game, with its 3D textures and iconic visual aesthetic, it clearly has aged quite a bit. Moreover, even with the massive plethora of graphics and texture mods, the game, while beautiful, has shown signs of ageing.

LEGO Fortnite graphics
LEGO Fortnite graphics ( image via EPIC Games)

LEGO Forntie, on the other hand, is a very new and recent release. This means that the visual fidelity and graphics of this mode by EPIC games are truly beautiful and better. LEGO Fortnite runs on the brilliant-looking overall engine from EPIC games and, therefore, is the winner here.

Gear Progression

Minecraft has one of the best gear, gameplay progression systems of all time. The game starts players off with almost nothing, by the end they can wear epic gold, diamond, and Netherite armor.

Minecraft’s progression system perfectly showcases players’ development from the start to the end. Moreover, there is a massive plethora of weapons that they can use.

Minecraft Armor
Minecraft Armor ( Image via Mojang Studios)

LEGO Fortnite lacks in this regard. Players cannot equip pieces of armor; instead, they have the option to make charms with various bonuses. The gear progression is very limited in comparison to Minecraft; therefore, Minecraft is the clear winner here.

The Verdict

While both games are brilliant and truly give players an immersive feel of survival and progression, Minecraft still edges it.

Minecraft ( Image via Mojang Studios)

This is because Minecraft has been around for over a decade, which means that the game has a lot more content and improvements. LEGO Fortnite is very new and recent, so it will take a little while to improve and get closer to the overall experience of Minecraft.

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