“Would absolutely DESTROY Andrew Tate,” Top G thrashed in sparring session, KSI issues warning as video goes viral

KSI claims he can dominate the Top G in a boxing match.

“Would absolutely DESTROY Andrew Tate,” Top G  thrashed in sparring session, KSI issues warning as video goes viral

KSI and Andrew Tate

British content creator and rapper KSI called out Andrew Tate after a video of the latter sparring goes viral on the internet. The YouTuber turned boxer claimed that he would “absolutely destroy” the Top G in a boxing match, and even called for viewers to check out his next match if they did not believe him.

This is not the first time KSI is challenging the Top G to a boxing match, with him previously issuing that challenge after his double victories against Swarmz and Luis Pineda on 27th August 2022. Andrew Tate has received numerous challenges from massive influencers like Jake Paul and KSI to face them in a boxing match. There were even negotiations for a bout between Andrew Tate and Jake Paul being made. However, Tate’s arrest on December 31, 2022 put a stop to the negotiations and the fight never saw the light of day.


Emory Andrew Tate III is currently a social media personality who was previously the light-heavyweight kickboxing champion of the world. He quickly rose to fame on the internet for his motivational talks on podcasts and shows. However his downfall was as quick as his growth with him being arrested for human trafficking charges. Although the charges have been dropped and he has been released, Andrew continues to remain in house arrest waiting for his final court date.

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KSI calls out the Top G once again

Amouranth 16

As Andrew Tate‘s recent clip of him sparring went viral, KSI took to Twitter and shared his thoughts on the video. The YouTuber claimed that he would completely dominate the Top G in a boxing match. “From watching this, I would absolutely DESTROY Andrew Tate,” he said.


Further more, KSI went on to tell people that if they did not believe him, they should tune in for his upcoming boxing match. “Watch me on May 13th for those that don’t believe me.”

The British YouTuber turned boxer has a boxing bout coming up against Joe Fournier on May 13th 2023. The 29 year old YouTuber has a very impressive boxing record of 5 unbeaten fights in the boxing ring. Andrew Tate has not responded to KSI’s tweet yet, but fans are hoping that this bout come to fruition.

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