xQc opens up about rejecting $1 million dollar sponsorships amongst gambling sponsorship fiasco

While watching Mizkif's clip where he talked about xQc's latest controversial sponsorship, xQc revealed that he had previously declined million dollar sponsorships. Read all about it here!

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xQc recently picked up a sponsorship with a gambling company and ever since he announced his partnership, he has not been hearing the end of it from numerous different people.

While watching a clip from Mizkif’s stream where he talked about the latest addition to xQc’s collaborative brands, Felix revealed that he had declined million dollar sponsorships in the past.

xQc talks about rejected sponsorships

While we all know that the Canadian ex-Overwatch Professional is no stranger to sponsorships, there is one sponsorship in particular that has got him to be on everyone’s radar.

A couple days ago, xQc announced his return to gambling streams and said he would be doing full fledged sponsored gambling streams which would showcase him gambling his money.

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xQc reveals he will be returning to sponsored gambling streams

Felix was also seen gambling on stream about a year ago but even back then his act wasn’t received well and he had ended up apologising to his viewers.

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He had not repeated the same up until a couple days ago when he was on a call with streamers Greekgodx and Tyler “Trainwreckstv” where he mentioned he was going to do full fledged sponsored gambling streams stating “I might go full book-book”

xQc rejected a tempting sponsorship offer
xQc rejected a tempting sponsorship offer

After revealing to his fans and the world that he would be returning to sponsored gambling streams, his story ran like wildfire. There were streamers reacting to it, giving their opinions, and wondering if they would’ve taken up such an offer.

While Mizkif reacted to the video, he said that everyone had a price and xQc had simply been bought out. While reacting to that clip, xQc went on to reveal that the only reason he picked the sponsorship was that he enjoyed gambling as a whole and wouldn’t have accepted it otherwise.

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xQc said he had rejected sponsorships worth $1 million since he did not enjoy the product

While people continued to call him greedy and say that Felix was being greedy and being a hypocrite, he said that he had had offers from companies offering to pay him half a million, or even a million dollars, to endorse their game, and he had turned them down because he simply did not enjoy doing what the product/ game was endorsing.

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