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3 Kaid claw spots in Rainbow Six Siege you need to know

This article talks about a couple of kaid claw spots that you can use to up your game in Rainbow Six Siege. Time to go annoy those hard breachers on the other side!

Kaid is the most versatile hard breach denial operator in Rainbow Six Siege. His Electroclaws can electrocute walls through flooring and unlike bandit batteries, kaid claws are small and can be placed in uncountable places. Add to all that with the fact that Kaid is still the only operator who can effectively deny hatches and you have an operator that is picked were often in all game modes. This versatility allows for a number of special kaid spots to be present which essentially makes kaid an utter annoyance for opponents. Lets see three kaid spots that are very effective.

1) Coastline for the VIP walls.

This spot is for the VIP walls in Coastline which are usually reinforced while holding the penthouse and theatre site on the second floor. These walls are very important as breaching these throws the round in favour of the attackers. This one Kaid claw spot however will divert the attacker’s attention from the second floor to the first floor because this kaid claw spot is one floor below in Kitchen. Throw the claw as shown in the picture and watch as the attackers scratch their heads figuring out where it is (Also hope they don’t bring a Thatcher).

Try to find the kaid claw on the left and you will get the result show on the right

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2) Kafe Dostoyevsky for the freezer walls and hatch

Another thing that makes kaid amazing in Rainbow Six Siege is his ability to get more than two reinforcements with one claw (And sometimes four!). This one kaid spot is extremely tricky to get right and requires a lot of practice. In the beginning you will need to find things to make sure you throw it right and after enough practice, you’ll be able to do it accurately through instinct alone. The practice is worth is however as this will make sure that your team doesn’t need two hard breach denial operators, leaving one more spot on the team flexible

This will take a lot of practice but you will get a feel for it

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3) Oregon for the Electric room hatch

The basement site in Oregon all depends on holding blue and making sure the electric room hatch stays shut. One the hatch is open the round massively sways in favour of the attackers. The usual kaid claw spots are easy to nade out or spot for twitch drones to get. But this one is a bit more tricky to find and less well known so your opponents won’t suspect a thing until they watch the match replay.

3 Kaid claw spots in Rainbow Six Siege you need to know 2

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