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3 tips for Rainbow Six Siege beginners to help them become better

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that is notoriously difficult for newcomers. This is often the result of the vast roster of characters and the numerous gadgets they possess which interact with each other in equally numerous ways. On top of this, there are players who have been playing this game ever since its release in 2015 which gives it a notoriously sharp learning curve. Even with all this playing this game and winning rounds in it are more satisfying than any other shooter on the market. Here are three tips to help you improve your game and get up to speed with the old players.

1) Learn your maps

Even if you’re someone who plays Rainbow Six Siege casually (whatever that is in this game) map knowledge doesn’t only help your team when you’re giving callouts but it also helps you make nasty flanks on the enemy team or get that one round winning C4 kill. In short, map knowledge can make your gameplay very smooth and easy. There are easy resources to do this too, many YouTubers of Rainbow six siege do map knowledge videos which you can easily access to improve it.

Here’s Hologram Sam doing one for the map Clubhouse

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2) Learns the gadget interactions

The game massively depends on a player’s ability to understand how gadgets work. Knowing that Jager’s ADS destroys projectiles before they explode while Wamai MAGNET captures the projectiles and lets them explode somewhere else is the difference between having a 5v5 and a 4v5. Knowing that the effect of Kaid claws can go through floors can help you get creative with them or knowing that Melusi’s Banshee can be shot after they get triggered can save you during a round.

Yes, all those are the overwhelming gadget interactions in Rainbow six siege, but they are all necessary and you don’t need to learn them all in a single day. The more you play the more you learn, it’s the only way. Also, you need to re-learn a few things with each new season as operators are nerfed and buffed to balance things out.

The GSG9 operators

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3) Play as a team

It is a rare sight that someone in Rainbow Six Siege wins a 1v3. This is not a game that is to be played solo, communication can be the difference between a victory and defeat. Intel is a very important part of the game which makes it truly interesting, as your ability to get intel has as much impact on the round as your ability to take gunfights. Games are won and lost on how accurately your team gives you intel on enemy positions.

The dynamic nature of the environment caused by its destructibility also allows plays to hold cheeky angles. This is why communication and coordination are so important, they can hold all the cheeky angles they like but if you have a drone on them, some intel, one prefire can let you win the gunfight.

3 tips for Rainbow Six Siege beginners to help them become better 2

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