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5 Best Tips To Use AWM In Free Fire

AWM is the most popular gun in the Free Fire. It has high damage and less rate of fire. Here we will take a look at the 5 best tips to use AWM in Free Fire.

5 Best Tips To Use AWM In Free Fire

Free Fire has a huge arsenal of weapons that can be used by players the most popular of them being the AWM. Here in this article, we will take a look at the top 5 best tips to use AWM in Free Fire for aggressive players.

Garena has introduced a plethora of weapons for players to choose from. With weapons like MP40 and Vector with an immense rate of fire to AWM and M82B with high damages. Free Fire has a couple of sniper rifles for players to choose from although the stats are not the same for every rifle. It is not easy to use a sniper rifle so here we will look up the 5 best tips to use AWM in Free Fire.

Best Tips To Use AWM In Free Fire

5. Using Custom Sensitivity Settings For AWM

Although using a sniper rifle takes high skill and intuition custom sensitivity settings help a lot. The custom sensitivity settings are great if you are just starting to use AWM. However, It would take time to get used to the custom sensitivity settings in Free Fire.

4. Taking Players Out When They Are Unaware

The best strategy while sniping is to use the element of surprise and take out opponents with the storm. Players should try to get shooting angles and engage before the enemy can react. This is the easiest and the quickest way to deal with your foes on the battlefield.

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3. Using Prone Position Wisely

While shooting while standing is a normal practice in the game, going prone is better in a few conditions and increases your chances of survival. Players remain hidden from plain sight in a battle and it becomes hard to aim and shoot at you while you can easily take a shot with AWM that too from a close distance.

2. Using a Silencer

How To Use Silencer with AWM in Free Fire

While using AWM’s in the game staying hidden is a key to win and gaining the advantage of the location is the best option. In these conditions, silencers are the best option in the game that will key you hidden while hunting your enemies with AWM.

1. Using Drag-Rotation For Better Control

AWM In Free Fire

Using the drag rotation technique in Free Fire, players can make the crosshairs stick onto their target with ease to take out enemies. This will save time and allow them to quickly acquire the enemy at any given range.

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