5 Tips To Reach Grandmaster In Free Fire Max For January 2022

With the release of the new BR ranked season players can now raise ranks to grandmaster. Here we will take a look at the 5 tips to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Max for January 2022.

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Garena Free Fire has recently introduced the ranked season 25 of the Battle Royale mode resetting the ranks and giving a chance to rise to glory once again. Here in this article, we will take a look at the 5 tips to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Max for January 2022.

The developers introduced the new BR ranked season 25 recently resetting the ranks of all players. Now everyone has a chance to raise their ranks and reach grandmaster in Free Fire Max. Although there are some tips that players can follow to raise their ranks easily. Let us take a look at the 5 tips to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Max for January 2022.

5 Tips To Reach Grandmaster In Free Fire Max

5. Playing With Permanent Squad

The best tip to reach the Grandmaster in Free Fire Max is having a permanent squad. Form yourself a squad that consists of your best friends so you can push the rank together.

If you try to push your rank with unknown players, your chance of winning will be slim. Try to push rank with a squad that you already formed to keep on communicating and organizing strategy.

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4. Choosing Right Character Combination

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Image via Garena

Character abilities play an important role on the battlefield, having good character combinations makes a lot of difference. Players can use their abilities to gain a tactical advantage and improve the odds of securing a victory.

Players can select one of the active abilities from the character roster if available. They can equip it with other passive abilities to reach Grandmaster in Free Fie Max.

3. Using Shotguns In Close Combats

To easily rise to the Grandmaster in Free Fire Max BR mode players should start using Shotgun in close range. A shotgun is the best choice for a close-range shootout due to the high damage it has. With one shot (and precise targeting) you can eliminate your enemies fast.

2. Getting Good Loot Early In The Game

It is evident that players can’t survive for long and raise their ranks with low-class weapons. So players should prioritize more on getting good loot before engaging with players on the battlefield. Players should always try and land in the high loot zone or in the blue zone to get great loot early in the game.

1. Moving Strategically Than Bruteforcing

Free Fire MAX allows players to play matches players must not use sheer brute force to try and win. While this technique may work initially, it soon becomes redundant.

To maximize the chances of securing a Booyah, gamers need to implement strategies during gameplay. At times, outplaying opponents is more beneficial than fighting them. If done correctly, users can reach the end zones and secure a win easily.

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