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Ace Elite gets released in Rainbow Six Siege

This article talks about the recently released ace elite, what it contains and what the cost of getting it for yourself is.

Ubisoft has released a new elite skin in Rainbow Six Siege for the operator Ace. Every season players look forward to new Elite skins which are released for operators. Earlier this season we also got an elite skin for the operator Vigil which was long anticipated after a series of leaks and its safe to say the community wasn’t disappointed by it. The Ace elite had also been leaked a couple of weeks ago. What does the bundle include?

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What does the Ace elite contains?

The Ace elite includes the altruistic ego uniform, headgear, victory pose, and operator card. The elite looks well designed and seems to hint at the military service in the character’s backstory. It also comes with special gunskins for the AK-12 assault rifle, M1014 shotgun, and the P9 pistol. It also includes the Ace Elite charm and a special skin for his SELMA charges

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How much does it cost?

The Ace elite bundle costs 1800 R6 credits which is approximately 1600-1700 INR if you purchase 2400 R6 credits or 1200-1300 if you chose to purchase the exact 1800. Make your purchases and get your MVPs with Ace to pose in front of your team and opponents!

A screenshot of the ace elite

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