Adin Ross announces ‘Brand Risk’ merch dropping on 8 March

Adin Ross is set to drop his new line of Brand Risk merchandise on March 8th.

Adin Ross announces ‘Brand Risk’ merch dropping on 8 March

Adin Ross (Image via YouTube/@adinross)

Fans are always eager to support their favourite content creators by buying their branded merchandise. Not only does this merch support the creator, but it is generally of high quality as well. Like many streamers, Adin Ross also has his own brand of merchandise. The number one Kick streamer sells multiple items such as hoodies, tees, and hats.

Adin Ross recently decided to revamp his line of merchandise completely. The streamer is launching a new collection of merch for his fans to purchase, labelled ‘Brand Risk’ merchandise. ‘Brand Risk’ is the same name that Adin Ross uses for the boxing events he hosts.

The term Brand Risk is often associated with Adin Ross. Due to the controversial nature of his streams and his hot takes, he is often referred to as such, potentially costing him several sponsorship deals. The term was also used to describe Adin Ross by Travis Scott’s agent when Ross was looking for a collaboration with the rapper.

Adin Ross drops controversial trailer announcing his new line of Brand Risk merchandise

Adin Ross seems to have embraced the Brand Risk moniker, as it has now become a huge part of his branding. From his boxing events to his line of merchandise, Adin is no longer afraid to be called by the term. In the same spirit, Adin released the trailer for his new line of merchandise, also labelled as Brand Risk.

Adin Ross Brand Risk trailer
Image via: YouTube/@adinross

The trailer features several high-level executives dressed up in suits telling a casually dressed Adin Ross that he is too much of a brand risk. The trailer then cuts to Adin performing several controversial acts like public urination, smoking cigars, gambling and partying hard.

The trailer ends with Adin Ross, Cheesur and his other friends in a thrashed-up room passed out. Adin wakes up and admits to himself that perhaps he is a brand risk. Throughout the trailer, multiple people can be seen wearing Brand Risk hoodies, hats and other merchandise. The trailer finally reveals the new logo for Brand Risk. The Brand Risk merchandise is officially launching on March 8th, 2024.

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