Adin Ross announces date for his next boxing event

Adin Ross reveals the next edition of his Brand Risk Boxing event will take place next month

Adin Ross announces date for his next boxing event

Adin Ross has made it public knowledge that he is a huge fan of boxing. The streamer has a boxing ring in the basement, where he often practices and streams himself doing so. Adin Ross has even participated in several boxing matches, including one against his friend, Cheesur.

Being a huge fan of the sport, Adin Ross has organised a couple of boxing events. The streamer had recently signed a deal with Kick that allowed him to try out new forms of content rather than sticking to his classic gambling streams and other IRL content. The streaming platform Kick and Stake sponsored the boxing tournament.

The recent Brand Risk Boxing event, named after his new line of merchandise, pitted several YouTubers against each other in boxing matches. Some of the matches on the card included  Kaleema vs LoveNini, JustxSnagz vs Keife, and the main event for the night, Deshae Frost vs King Cid.

Adin Ross has now announced the date of his next boxing event, which will be taking place on March 16th, 2024.

Fans wonder about Adin Ross’ next boxing event, hoping for a rematch between King Cid and Deshae Frost

Adin Ross has not yet announced any official match on the boxing card on March 16th. However, fans are all but hoping for a rematch between King Cid and Deshae Frost. King Cid vs. Deshae Frost was the main event for the second edition of Adin Ross’ Brand Risk Boxing Event. However, the match ended in a highly unsatisfactory manner, leaving fans highly disappointed.

Adin Ross raises Deshae Frost's hand
Image via: Kick/@adinross

King Cid pushed Deshae Frost onto the ropes during the bout. Deshae Frost’s sister started throwing punches and slaps at King Cid while standing on the ring apron. The referee quickly broke up the fight and warned Deshae’s sister. Due to this incident and a few bad calls by the referee, the match’s result was left to the kick vote.

Due to the controversy surrounding King Cid vs. Deshae Frost, fans wonder if there could be a potential rematch. This would finally allow fans to have a legitimate winner of their bout. However, Adin Ross has not officially confirmed such a match.

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