“I will be in GTA 6 chat,” Adin Ross claims to be in GTA 6, says he’ll be in the next trailer

Adin Ross talks about his character in GTA 6; when fans will see it and what they can expect from his role

“I will be in GTA 6 chat,” Adin Ross claims to be in GTA 6, says he’ll be in the next trailer

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Rockstar Games finally unveiled the much-anticipated trailer for GTA 6 on December 5th, 2023. Since then, the game has been on the tongues of gamers worldwide despite the launch being more than a year away. Many streamers like Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed and Adin Ross, have also reacted to the GTA 6 trailer and have had nothing but great things to say about the game.

Despite posting a variety of content on his channel, some of Adin Ross‘ most popular content continues to be his gaming streamers, where he dives into the world of San Andreas in GTA V. The popular Kick streamer also reacted to the trailer, giving it a lot of praise. Not only did the controversial figure comment on how great the trailer looked, but he also had an additional claim to make.


In a post on X, Adin Ross commented that not only would he be playing the game when it comes out but that he was a part of GTA 6. While a few believed him, many thought that he was trolling. In a recent live stream on Kick, the streamer doubled down on his claim, potentially giving the supposed dates of future trailers. He spoke about the magnitude of his role in the game and further responded to haters against his being in the game.

Adin Ross talks about his GTA 6 Role

In a recent livestream, a fan asked Adin Ross about his role in the upcoming game. Adin claimed that he had his own character in the game. Fans will be able to spot this character in a future trailer that will be releasing in the first half of 2024. He also spoke out against many fans who were against him being in the game.

Adin Ross talks GTA 6 Role
Image via: Kick/@adinross

“Yeah, I will be in GTA 6 chat. I can’t speak on a lot of like ‘when’, but you’ll see me in the following trailers probably, beginning to mid next year.”

Adin Ross

Adin added that he was one of the most mainstream streamers ever. The game also takes place in Vice City. Vice City is based in Miami, Adin Ross’ hometown. He implied that these two things make him more than deserving to be in the upcoming title by Rockstar Games. Still, he added that his character would not play a major role in the game.

Instead, it will simply be a cameo that many fans will be surprised to see. Adin’s words received mixed reactions from fans. Some were excited to see him part of a franchise that Adin played so regularly on his channel. Others joked about how he would be the NPC who everyone beat up constantly.


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