Watch: Adin Ross’ fan jumps off his roof onto car’s windshield on livestream

Adin Ross promises a fan $20,000 after he injures himself trying to impress him

Watch: Adin Ross’ fan jumps off his roof onto car’s windshield on livestream

Adin Ross (image via X)

Kick streamer Adin Ross’s segment with his fans was as off the rails as one would expect. The streamer was joined by several fans and Kick-streamers trying to impress him by performing hilarious stunts. Furthermore, one fan and Kick streamer Henry jumped on his car windshield wrecking it and creating a hilarious moment.

Adin had always been very generous towards his fans and friends. Despite being very controversial with his opinions and actions he has never shied away from showing generosity towards people who support him. Just like Henry, he had previously promised Fousey $100,000 after he told Adin that he was in debt.

He even promised his friend and fellow streamer Shnaggyhose a Lamborghini if he lost weight. The few examples showcase the generosity Adin has towards people he likes.

Adin Ross gives a fan $20,000 after he jumped on his car windshield on his stream

A lot of small Kick streamers performed stunts to impress Ross and get a kick deal. From snorting Hot sauce to going down a slip-n-slide with traps all over it the people did it all.

However, one moment that stood out was when Henry decided to jump off his roof onto the windshield of the car. This led to the windshield shattering and hurting him.

Watch: Adin Ross' fan jumps off his roof onto car's windshield on Livestream
Adin Ross revealing to Henry that he would give him $20,000 (Image via

Despite finding the situation hilarious Adin then asked Henry how much it would take to fix it. However, Henry claims he doesn’t know.

Adin then decided that he would give him $12,000 for his injuries and the car. Furthermore, he could use the rest of the money for his family as he had a pregnant wife. Henry in disbelief thanked the streamer.

After a few moments, Adin called back Henry and revealed that he would give him $20,000 instead of $12,000 further leaving Henry speechless. Henry hilariously added that he might have cracked a rib while pulling the stunt but it was still worth it. Moreover, people praised Adin for his generosity to his fans.

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