“You are the champ bro,” Adin Ross promises ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley to gift him a car if he wins at UFC 299

Adin Ross talks to Sean O'Malley before his upcoming fught with Marlon Vera and promised to give him a car of his viewers choice if he wins

“You are the champ bro,” Adin Ross promises ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley to gift him a car if he wins at UFC 299

Adin Ross and Sean O'Malley (Image via X)

The much-awaited Sean O’Malley vs Marlon Vera fight is to take place on 9 March. O’Malley being the newly crowned champion has a lot of people along with Adin Ross rooting for his win. Furthermore, Adin was Joined by Sean on his latest stream. Ross revealed to Sean that he would be giving him a car if he won.

The Sean vs Vera bantamweight fight is headlining UFC 299 showcasing how anticipated it is. Furthermore, O’Malley’s first and only loss was against Vera making it even more intriguing for Sean’s fans. Despite his loss to Vera, Sean is showcasing an unbothered persona throughout his interview and seems to be calm and collected.

O’Malley in an interview has claimed that he was never bothered by his loss. Furthermore, he claimed that in the end everything played out in his favor and he’s excited to do what he should’ve done in the first fight.

Adin Ross motivates Sean O’Malley for his fight against Marlon Vera

Adin Ross is known to be into UFC and talks about it frequently on his stream. He even planned out his own boxing event further showcasing his love for the sport. In his recent stream, the streamer invited the newly crowned Champion Sean O’Malley to talk before his upcoming fight against the only fighter he had lost to.

"You are the champ bro," Adin Ross promises 'Suga' Sean O'Malley to gift him a car if he wins at UFC 299
Adin Ross promising Sean O’Malley a car (Image via Kick.com/AdinRoss)

“You Win this sh*t and I’m buying you a f**king car. I’m excited bro I know what’s about to happen I already know. You’re coming to this things and your f**king relaxed you’re feeling really good and you’re the f**king, you’re the champ bro. So, I already know you’re gonna go crazy bro.”

Adin Ross to Sean O’Malley

Adin claimed that he would buy him a car if he won. Furthermore, he showcased his excitement for the fight and revealed that he wasn’t too worried about the results as he knew what was about to happen. Moreover, he added that he could tell just from Sean’s relaxed demeanour.

Adin even added that he knew that match would be ‘cr*zy’ and further called Sean a ‘champ’. Furthermore, Adin claimed he would gift the car of his viewers’ choice. He then clarified that he was doing this because Sean winning would secure him some money. Sean was just laughing at Adin’s remarks.

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