“This sh*t is fu*king horrible” Adin Ross Reacts to IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat’s new single “DOGS”

Adin Ross does not like the music video starring his two friends.

“This sh*t is fu*king horrible” Adin Ross Reacts to IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat’s new single “DOGS”

One of Kick’s biggest streamers Adin Ross reacts to IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat’s new Single “DOGS”. It seems like the song has failed to leave a good impression on Adin. Adin has been the center of a lot of drama this past few months and every move he makes is being watched by many people.

Adin Ross reacted to the DOGS music video while on stream and openly showed his disapproval of the song. Kick’s mega streamer Adin Ross is very good friends with IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat as they all came to fame around the same time with similar content. Although the trio has spent a lot of time together and tends to support each other’s content, Adin did not do that for his friends’ song. He called it “fu*king trash” and asked his chat, “You’re telling me you’re gonna listen to this s*** in the car?” He did clarify that he ” loved them to death” but was not feeling the song at all.


Adin Ross was a former Twitch streamer who got banned from the platform for showing hateful unmoderated conduct in chat. Adin’s reaction has left some fans shocked as the three of them are good friends. However, most people think it is friendly banter between the three of them as they are known for pulling pranks on one another. The song was not a professional record but just a fun project for IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat.

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Fans react to the “DOGS” music video

"This sh*t is fu*king horrible" Adin Ross Reacts to IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat's new single "DOGS"
IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat

IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat’s new music video for their song “DOGS” was well received by their fans. However, some people agreed with Adin Ross and did not like it at all. The song has received mixed reviews from people and the discussions on Twitter seem never-ending.


YouTuber No Life Shaq who is famous for his reaction videos also uploaded a video of him reacting to the duo’s song. He was shocked to hear the sample “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men being used in the song. Shaq explained that he could not understand IShowSpeed’s rap but the energy was out of the roof. He also said that Kai Cenat had amazing “barz” and the awesome energy he always brings to whatever content he produces.

Kick co-owner TrainWrecktv also commented a GIF of him nodding his head on Kai’s Twitter post showcasing his music video. Judging by his comment people can assume that Trainwrecktv was bumping to the new song.

Overall, the song has received mixed reactions so far, but it has the community abuzz anyway.


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