“It’s gonna do number,” Adin Ross reacts to Jake Paul fighting Mike Tyson in a boxing match and addresses the ‘heat’ around it

Adin Ross calls Jake Paul his brother and defends him from trolls after his match announcement against Mike Tyson

“It’s gonna do number,” Adin Ross reacts to Jake Paul fighting Mike Tyson in a boxing match and addresses the ‘heat’ around it

Adin Ross, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul (Image via X)

The Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul boxing match announcement has gone absolutely viral. The announcement caught people by surprise as it was something very unexpected. Furthermore, the announcement also led to Jake getting a lot of hate for fighting a ‘60-year-old’. However, Adin Ross defended Paul and claimed that Tyson was still fully able to fight.

The Paul vs Tyson fight is going to take place on July 20, 2024. The announcement had taken the internet by storm as fighting Mike Tyson despite his age was a big deal. Furthermore, the fight will be streamed on Netflix and will be available to all subscribers. It will take place in the biggest NFL stadium, AT&T Stadium Arlington. 

Paul on his Instagram claimed that the fight would be one of the biggest fights of the 21st century. However, people were quick to troll Paul for only fighting and winning against retired fighters.

Adin Ross defends Jake Paul and calls him a real fighter after people trolled him for only retired fighters

Adin Ross joined in on people sharing their opinions on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson. Ross claimed that despite the fight getting a lot of hate no one would miss it.

Furthermore, he called Jake Paul his brother and defended him against people trolling him for only retired fighters. He called Paul a real fighter and claimed that fighting against Tyson was a big deal.

Adin Ross, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul (Image via X)
Adin Ross talking about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul (Image via kick.com/AdinRoss)

Guys, Jake is getting a lot of hate for this, and I think it’s really funny because not a lot of people can have an opportunity to fight Mike Tyson. And you guys cannot tell me you’re all not watching this. So, you guys can say what you want about Jake. My brother Jake is a f**king real fighter and he’s going against one of the hardest-hitting people of all time, and we’re all going to tune in to watch.”

Adin in his livestream

He added that the fight would draw in a lot of viewers. Furthermore, he addressed Mike being almost 60 years old and claimed that he would still have the ability to knock out 99% of the people.

Moreover, He claimed that it was no joke fighting Tyson as he was one of the ‘hardest-hitting’ people of all time. Adin then called out his viewers for hating on the fight claiming that everyone was still going to watch it. 

“Whether you like the fight or you don’t like the fight, it’s big. It’s f**king big! It’s going to be a big event. It’s going to do numbers. Guys, I get it, he’s 60 years old. I understand. But guys, guess what when Mike Tyson knocked the f**k out of that… 99% of this chat in a f**king one-hit if you guys got in the ring with him. Yes, okay, I get it he’s 60. But he can still hit like Mike Tyson. Okay? So stop saying stupid s**t, saying that he can’t f**king hit still. Okay?”

After showing his support towards Jake, Ross talked about inviting Mike Tyson to his stream in the next couple of months.

Furthermore, he hilariously added that he would let Mike hit him if he came on his stream. Fans were divided by Adin’s opinions. Some fans thought that he was right and others trolled him for supporting Paul calling him ‘irrelevant’. 

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