“I’m coming at cancel culture,” Adin Ross responds to his controversial tweet on genders

Adin Ross has taken upon himself to cancel the cancel culture, but is his method really efficient?

“I’m coming at cancel culture,” Adin Ross responds to his controversial tweet on genders

Image Credits: Adin Ross/ Twitch

The entire streaming community seems to be buzzing with the news of Adin Ross lately. The American internet personality is permanently banned on Twitch due to hateful comments. Additionally, one of his recent tweets has got the people talking.


His tweet dated February 27 mentions, “There are only two genders.” Adin’s tweet has so far received more than 60 million views and more than 31K comments. However, most of the comments aim to target him for his hateful remark against the LGBTQ+ community.

On the other hand, Adin Ross quickly responded to the situation. In his recent YouTube video, the content creator claims that his tweet was never targeted at the said community. Rather, it was to hit out at the people trying to cancel him on the internet. “This is cancel culture, I’m coming at cancel culture right now,” Adin added that he is determined to cancel the ‘cancel’ culture.

Explaining further, the 22-year-old content creator stated that the tweet is not controversial at all as he has just stated the facts. “It is scientifically proven, you cannot mess with science,” said Adin Ross. He continued to say that most of the audience’s favorite creators will agree with this but they are hesitant to say as they choose to remain silent.


Concluding his justification on the tweet, he once again targeted the people who are trying to bring each other down. The Kick streamer stated at the end that he loves everyone and has even talked with some transgenders.

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Twitch breaks silence over Adin Ross’s ban

"I'm coming at cancel culture," Adin Ross responds to his controversial tweet on genders
Image Credits: Adin Ross/ Instagram

Adin Ross is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch after Dr DisRespect who got permanently banned. Initially, the ban remained mysterious as neither Twitch nor the content creator provided his audience with any details on the ban.

The Kick streamer only informed his fans that the reason for his ban makes no sense. However, now Twitch has informed Dexerto that Adin’s account is permanently banned due to unmoderated content on his chat.


His Twitch chat comprised some hateful comments and anti-semitic remarks. This strictly goes against the community guidelines laid out by Twitch. As a consequence, the streaming platform decided to impose a permanent ban on his account.

Twitter reactions

Adin’s recent tweet has nearly shaken Twitter. Most of the users have been highlighting his relationship with Andrew Tate, which can be one of the reasons for the content creator’s recent comments.

Adin Ross has also been promoting the launch of the Kick mobile app. The content creator has now become a full-time streamer for the platform. For those unaware about Kick, streamer Trainwreckstv owns the platform.