“It is not a loan,” Adin Ross surprises Fousey with $100,000 after Kick streamer opens up about his financial struggle

Adin Ross surprises Fousey with a huge gift

“It is not a loan,” Adin Ross surprises Fousey with $100,000 after Kick streamer opens up about his financial struggle

Image via: Instagram/@adinross and Instagram/@fousey

Yousef Erakat, popularly known as Yousef, is finally after getting arrested a few months back. For his first public appearance, he chose to collaborate none other than with Adin Ross. The two were live on Kick, conversing about various topics that included N3ON and his relationship with Sam Frank and Fousey signing with Kick. During the stream, Adin invited Fousey on a trip.


Adin Ross invited Yousef on a trip to Australia, where they would meet the co-founder of Kick, Ed Craven. He then said to the Kick-executive,

Hey, Eddie! Look at my grind, dog! I’m still missing two teeth, and I’m about to go and get all my veneers done. I’m still missing two teeth, dog! My mama’s so mad at me. Eddie, look… what man do you know – look, you can’t see my top lip! I didn’t even go get lined up at the barbershop, dog!”

Fousey was about to sign a contract that would add him to Kick’s humongous streamer roster but the whole prison thing took that away. After this conversation, Fousey said that he wanted to open up about his struggles in order to inspire fans who may be going through hard times themselves. Fousey said that he was going through major financial struggles in his life, and signing a contract with Kick was going to be a major help to him.

Can I tell you something? I want to inspire people with this. Before I sign this contract, I’m dead broke. I have $20,000 left in my bank account. And that’s why this contract is about to change my life. Like, really help me. So, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Like I was at my last wit’s end. I was about to drive Uber.”, said Fousey.

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Adin generously gifted $100,000 to Fousey to help him out

Adin Ross was moved by his story and said that he had a gift for Fousey. He said, “I have to tell you something. I got you a gift. It’s not in person. But, I’m telling you man-to-man, and I think you’d appreciate it. Should I tell it right now? Do you want to know? It’s not physical. It’s straight-up just… do you want to know?

Adin Ross Fousey
Image via: YouTube/@adinross

Adin then clarified that he was gifting Fousey $100,000 to help him out with his troubles. Adin said,

I know about your financial troubles. Nadeem was telling me about it. I’m going to give you; it’s not a loan, you’re not paying me back, I’m giving you $100,000. You don’t have to… no recoup, nothing. That’s just you. Because I know what you went through, and he was telling me a lot of the money that you were going into was for your health. And, $100,000, it’ll help you put yourself back up.”

This was a very sweet gesture by Adin Ross to help one of his streamer friends. Before getting arrested, Fousey was streaming with Adin and N3ON on his channel. But when things went downhill, Adin stood by him and was constantly giving out updates about Fousey’s returns. This incident adds up to another philanthropic act of Adin Ross in 2023.

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