“I would pay an M for Eminem,” Adin Ross wants to collaborate with Rap God Eminem for a live stream, ready to pay $1,000,000

Adin Ross is willing to pay $1 million to collaborate with Eminem and create the greatest interview stream of all time.

“I would pay an M for Eminem,” Adin Ross wants to collaborate with Rap God Eminem for a live stream, ready to pay $1,000,000

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Adin Ross posts some of the most varied content on the internet. His diversity has made him one of the most popular streamers on the internet. Alongside uploading vlogs & video games, he often does interview streams & podcasts with many celebrities. One such interview with Andrew Tate continues to be one of his most watched videos.

Adin Ross seems to be eyeing the Rap God Eminem for his next interview. On November 27th, Adin Ross was live on Kick and was interacting with his fans. During a “Just Chatting” segment, Adin was browsing submissions made to him on his Discord server. He came across an old video of Eminem freestyling, which started the conversation.


He proceeded to call Eminem the greatest rapper of all time. He added that the 51-year-old rapper was the Michael Jordan of rap, and the genre nowadays has become a joke. He also talked about the hard work Eminem put into his craft, including reading the dictionary daily. This was something that rappers nowadays would never do. He said how Eminem not only studied the game but broke it.

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Adin Ross willing to pay $1,000,000 to collaborate with Eminem

Adin Ross then claimed that the rapper had gotten “real-life cancelled.” He claimed that Eminem got black-listed on many things and had to take a brief social media hiatus. He claimed that they cancelled the multi-platinum selling artist because of him dissing homosexual people. Adin added that not only was he dissing homosexual people, but rather, everybody because Eminem simply didn’t care.

Adin Ross Eminem collab
Image via: Kick/@adinross

“What do you think does he do now, chat? Wait, how old is Eminem? Chat, he’s 50. Do you think he will link with me? Yes or no. I would pay a million dollars to do an Eminem stream. I swear to god. On my life, I would pay Eminem. I swear on god, I would pay an M (million) for Eminem.”

Adin Ross

After these remarks, the Kick streamer showed some interest in collaborating with the rap god. Adin Ross then asked his chat if they thought Eminem would want to collaborate with him. He swore that he would pay Eminem a million dollars if the rap god would come on his stream and collaborate with him.

Lastly, Adin called out Paul Rosenburg, Eminem’s manager, and asked him to get in touch with Adin. He further claimed that if he got an opportunity to collaborate with one of the best-selling rappers of all time, it would be the “greatest interview stream of all time.

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