Amazon Games latest announcement: All set to develop new Lord of the Rings MMORPG

Fan are hoping for Amazon Games to give them a good game and not make a mediocre one just to make money off the franchise!

Amazon Games latest announcement: All set to develop new Lord of the Rings MMORPG

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest corporations with roots in multiple business sectors. One of the biggest sectors that Amazon operates in is the entertainment industry, and Amazon Games is one of its important subsidiaries. Amazon Games earlier launched its own cloud gaming service called Amazon Luna & owns Prime Gaming. Amazon announced its collaboration with Embracer Group and Middle-earth Enterprises which has left fans baffled! By doing this, the company has teased a new Lord of The Ring MMORPG to be under development soon. Amazon Games has been famous for acquisitions and collaborations with other gaming studios. Moreover, this has helped the company gain a solid foothold in the gaming industry.

One of the recent acquisitions made by Amazon Games was buying off ZeniMax Media in 2021. ZeniMax Media owns multiple popular studios like Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, and Arkane Studios. This acquisition cost $7.5 Billion and is the biggest deal to date in the history of Amazon. It’s a good thing because big companies like Amazon Games have more resources to spare for the development of games.


Amazon Games’ new collaboration may give us something wonderful. The current situation of AAA-rated games is going on a down low. With most of the games being outright copy-pasted, gamers are in dire need of innovation. Amazon Games has loads of resources that it can offer to these smaller scaled companies. Moreover, the end product that we would receive would be something good.

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Amazon Games Collaboration with Embracer Group & Middle-Earth Enterprises


The tie-up of Amazon with the Middle Earth franchise has hinted at a new Lord of The Rings MMORPG, which will be a spectacle. The sheer fanbase of LOTR is so enormous that the company would profit loads from a game of the same title. Moreover, every gamer who prefers the medieval fantasy game genre is in awe of this news. Amazon Games has done a spectacular job of collaborating with these gaming companies. Furthermore, this collaboration has strengthened Amazon Games’ hold in the gaming industry much further.


Many gamers must have played the Middle Earth series at least once. The game is such a unique blend of medieval fantasy with Lord of The Rings-esque element that gamers to date praise it. The series is really great, but there has been no news for a third installment after the second part was released in 2017.

At this moment, gamers are hoping for the company to do justice to the Lord of The Rings series. They can do it by creating a good game and not just a mediocre cash grab. But as of the moment, all gamers can do is wait for more news to come out. And also hope that Amazon Games doesn’t butcher the firm image created by Middle-Earth Enterprises.

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