“People don’t understand” Amouranth opens up about her streaming career and dealing with online hate

This article talks about Amouranth's recent interview with Vice in which she opened up about her streaming career and how she deals with the online hate she gets.

Amouranth Vice interview
Amouranth during her Vice interview

Vice is known for doing a lot of great documentary series on different political issues. Amouranth is the last person anyone would expect that they’d interview but they did. In the recent interview with her she opened up about her streaming career and one fans account. She talked about the struggles she had to go through including her family, her many bans and the hate she receives while streaming.

Why is Amouranth so infamous?

She is infamous for her hot tub streams, Ear licking ASMR and content that tests Twitch’s regulation rules. She has been banned a total of fives times on Twitch so far and is especially known across the Twitch community for that. She is known for doing crazy things such as Dancing with a pigeon mask on her head or doing ear licking ASMR after putting on a horse head.

According to the moral police her streams are full of inappropriate behaviour and suggestive clothing that many believe might be a bad influence on people. This list of people also included her very conservative parents who were very unsupportive of her until she showed them her bank account. After this they were very supporting of Amouranth.

“My income is like 1.5 Million a month” she said, “That’s what its been the past few months”. She then proceeded to say that a lot of that income comes from her Only Fans account. “Its kind of natural online. Guys see a girl they’re attracted to and type in their name in Only Fans to see if they have one” she added.

Amouranth pigeon head
Amouranth in her pigeon head mask

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Why was Amouranth banned five times?

The first time that Amouranth got banned was due to a wardrobe Malfunction back in 2019. It happened when she was trying to pick up her dog. This ban gained her a lot of attention and thousands of followers. The second time she got banned was during her gym stream which Twitch deemed she was exhibiting ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Many people speculated that it was because of the suggestive clothing she wore to her gym while others thought it was due to her filming people in the gym without their cosent.

The third time she got banned when was when she accidentally clicked on an a user in her chat who had a NSFW profile pciture. This caused her to display the picture live on screen front of thousands of her viewers. Twitch very quickly noticed this and handed out her third ban

Amouranth’s Fourth ban came after she started her ear licking ASMR which Twitch thought contained ‘suggestive sounds’. But this ban was questioned as many smaller streamers did the same at the time of her ban and Twitch had not taken any action against them.

Her fifth and last ban came in October of 2021 without any specific reason given. She jokingly said that she was banned for ‘horsing around too much’ referring to her horse head ASMR stream. This has been counterproductive as Twitch’s bans have only increased the number of followers that she has gained.

Amouranth image 1
Amouranth has been banned 5 times

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How does she deal with the Online hate?

“I just tell them Twitch is like YouTube” she said. This is the answer she gives when people ask her what she does for a living because she thinks they won’t understand what Twitch is. About her audience she commented that 40% of them are from USA and a vast majority is from Turkey. She also added most of them don’t care what she says as long as she does her hot tub streams.

“If you’re succeeding then you have haters, it happens it comes with the territory ” she said. She was referring to the many different streamers who had seen her streams and were upset that their gaming platform had been ‘corrupted’ by her hot tub streams which even influenced prominent streamers such as OfflineTV to do their own. Many streamers had in fact celebrated her many bans. This was because they thought she was going to steal their audience from them.

“I don’t think a girl in a hot tub is going to take view away from a gamer. They are completely different audiences” Amouranth said in this context. She took the feminist angle on the issue by stating that the content she has on her streams in similar to content that is presented on stream in many games such as GTA V Online.

Regardless of whatever they say, Amouranth deals with her haters very well by not taking the criticism thrown her way personally. It is safe to say that we shall keep seeing her controversial streams on twitch until one fine day Twitch decides to permanently ban Amouranth from its streaming service if that happens.

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