“I was raised in front of a TV” Amouranth Reveals How Her Parents Reacted to Her Content

This article talks about what Amouranth revealed in a recent interview with Vice about her parent's reaction to her content.

Amouranth interview
Amouranth talked about her parents in the interview

Amouranth is one of the most controversial Twitch streamers in the history of the streaming service. Her content ranges from the bizarre to the suggestive, this makes her a prime target for multiple Twitch bans. Her kind of content has polarized the streamer community. Respect her or hate her there is one question that looms on Everyone’s Minds, What do her Parents think of her controversial Twitch streams. Luckily she answered this question in a recent interview with Vice.

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What did she reveal in the interview?

In the interview, she talked about how her Twitch streaming career takes precedence over everything else in her life. She said that people do not understand how much effort it takes to make the content that she does. She also proceeded to talk about all the hate she gets online from both random viewers and other streamers who think that she will steal their views.

She has been banned five times now. Her stream controversial content include Hot Tub streaming (a trend which caught among other twitch streamers), streaming suggestively dressed up with a pigeon of horse mask on her head and her only fans account which gets her 1.5 million dollars a month.

Amouranth with a horse mask on her head
Amouranth with a horse mask on her head

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How did Amouranth’s parents react?

“I was raised in front of a TV like a lot of kids who had working parents. So there wasn’t any like role models” Amouranth said as she recollected her childhood. She stated that she spent most of her time alone playing video games. “I didn’t really have any friends so dressing up was an escape” she added stating that she strated dressing up to escape her otherwise lonely reality.

“My parents are very conservative” she said “Its hard for me to remember their exact words when I started”. She further stated that this caused them to be unsupportive of what she was doing. “But when I showed them my bank account they kind of felt a lot better. Its weird it does that to people” she further added.

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