“It’s been f**king crazy”: Amouranth shares her ordeal as stalker shows up at San Diego TwitchCon 2022

“It’s been f**king crazy”: Amouranth shares her ordeal as stalker shows up at San Diego TwitchCon 2022

Amouranth at TwitchCon 2022

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa was one of the biggest showstoppers at the recently concluded TwitchCon 2022 at San Diego. While she spent a good time interacting with her fans, she was worried when her stalker showed up at the event forcing her stay in her room for a while.

The 28-year-old internet sensation is one of the most known Twitch streamers, right after Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. Surprisingly, she is not known for streaming any particular game but ASMR, which was popularized after the introduction of the hot tub meta.

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Amouranth terrorized by stalkers at TwitchCon 2022

"It’s been f**king crazy": Amouranth shares her ordeal as stalker shows up at San Diego TwitchCon 2022
Kaitlyn Siragusa

Amouranth was one of the leading faces when the hot tub meta shot to fame on Twitch, but her success might have come at a cost. Amouranth has time and again expressed how she has faced harassment by some stalkers who even had the nerve to show up at her home. Nearly 5 months have passed since she last updated her fans on her stalker’s arrest, but now she met with another trouble.

After attending TwitchCon and greeting her fans, the internet personality took to Twitch to explain that her stalker had shown up at the event. She informed that the situation went so out of control that her security had to step in to handle the matter. Judging from her description, it seems that this might be the same person who tried to break into her house.

“I have 24 hour security, and the security had to get involved because a stalker showed up."

She further made it clear-

“Just because I have security, that doesn’t mean I want the stalker to see me.”

Furthermore, she talked about her cameraman ‘Mars’ who reported her of handling a stalker at the event. In a follow up Twitch clip, Amouranth could be seen standing above the stairs where she explained that three guys were following and staring at her from the hotel room.

"It's been fu**king crazy today. It was like, three or four different stalkers over the course of the past 48 hours."

As the streamer was fed up with the situation she had to face due to the stalkers, she hilariously marked TwitchCon as ‘StalkerCon’. This isn’t the end as her live broadcast on Twitch showed a man coming up to her saying, ‘long time no see’, the streamer seemed worried as she quickly moved away saying, ‘That’s another stalker.’

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Viewers criticize TwitchCon’s negligence

The Twitch clip by Amouranth was shared on r/LivestreamFails and it quickly became a topic of discussion among the users. One of the user wrote whether it was the same stalker who made her life nearly miserable while others discussed how TwitchCon could have avoided the situation by handling with the stalkers efficiently.

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