“I don’t think that is good for society,” Andrew Tate and his brother Tristen Tate talk about GTA 6, says not a fan of the concept of killing cops

The Tate brothers speak out against GTA 6, say being able to shoot police officers is not a good idea for society

“I don’t think that is good for society,” Andrew Tate and his brother Tristen Tate talk about GTA 6, says not a fan of the concept of killing cops

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The Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger to controversy. The violence and portrayal of women in the series make it an easy target for mainstream media. Despite this, the gaming community and content creators have received the series well. With the GTA 6 trailer dropping recently, many non-gaming personalities like Andrew Tate have also voiced their opinions.

A recent Twitter thread has gone viral over the internet, where Elon Musk weighs in with his opinion about GTA V. He claims that he tried the game but did not like doing crimes. After Elon Musk, Tristan, and Andrew Tate have joined the list of mainstream celebrities, who have criticised the game for its violence.


The Tate brothers were recently streaming live on Rumble when the topic of video games came up. The Tate brothers were quick to mention their lack of experience playing the franchise. Andrew Tate mentioned that he had never played a game in the series. Tristan added that he had only picked up the first entry, but there was no graphic violence in it.

Tristan and Andrew Tate speak out against GTA 6

The conversation began with the Tate brothers talking about how video games have evolved over the years. Tristan Tate mentioned that video games weren’t inherently evil. However, he remembered playing as a man in a red cap trying to save a princess while teaming up with his brother. He claimed that it was a great theme for a video game.

Andrew Tate talks about GTA 6
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I am not a fan of anyone under the age of 18, 21 maybe, where the goal is to shoot police officers. I just don’t think that it is good for society.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate then weighs in with his opinion on the Grand Theft Auto series. He emphasized that he dislikes the notion of being able to shoot police officers in a video game. Especially, when the player is below 18 or 21 years of age. He added that video games these days have much better graphics and engines in the modern times. Hence, developers should create a better objective for the video game.


Later, his brother also joined the conversation. He literally compared the GTA series with the lens of Super Mario Bros. Tristen said

Video games aren’t necessarily evil. But, you know, I remember when video games… cause I’m very old, I’m an old man… I remember playing a little man with a red cap trying to rescue the princess and teaming up with your brother. Now if rescuing purity from evil while teaming up with your brother isn’t a good theme of a video game, then I don’t really know what it is…

Andrew Tate added that he would prefer a video game where you play as the police officer, rather than killing one. Many people have called out the Tate brothers for this reaction. They claim that Tristan and Andrew Tate were the last people who were expected to say something like this and go “soft” over the latest video game by Rockstar Games.

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