Andrew Tate Net Worth: Is the kickboxer richer than MrBeast?

Andrew Tate Net Worth: Is the kickboxer richer than MrBeast?

Andrew Tate vs MrBeast: Who is richer?

NameAndrew Tate
Net Worth$350 million
Source of IncomeKickboxing career, Content Creator, Businessman
Height1.85 m
ResidenceBucharest, Romania
Last updatedDecember 2022

Andrew Tate, the name which had spread like wildfire over the internet. Tate is not on notable social media platforms due to violation of their “community guidelines”. Despite these bans, Tate is still making millions in his bank leading people to compare his net worth with other internet personalities.

The sudden viral personality on social media, Andrew Tate is gaining the spotlight. But his popularity came at a cost as he now stands banned from every platform except Twitch. However, this might not have put an end to his income as he still enjoys a huge cash flow.


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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate Net Worth: Is the kickboxer richer than MrBeast?
Andrew Tate

Former professional kickboxer Emory Andrew Tate III excelled in martial arts and boxing during the peak of his career. He won the ISKA world title thrice and was ranked the #1 kickboxer in Europe in his division. Although, people only started noticing him when he abstained from participating in the hit UK show Big Brother Season 17 due to his homophobic and racist remarks.

This, however, became a turning point in his career as he decided to start his online ventures by opening a website named “Hustler’s University”. Where he sells his opinion on aspects like male-female interactions and is engaged in a “webcam business” with his brother, where he uses his girlfriends as his employees to sell sad stories to desperate men.


The 36-year-old internet personality is also at the forefront of controversies frequently. From human trafficking allegations to his anti-feminist stance on social media, he is now facing tremendous backlash from the community, although he refutes these claims by telling him there are several videos of him ‘praising women’.

Following his misogynistic comments, social media giants like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well as streaming platforms YouTube have banned him. He was also banned later on TikTok prompting him to delete his Twitch channel ‘TateSpeech’ which had over 100K subscribers.

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Andrew Tate Net Worth vs MrBeast Net Worth

Andrew Tate Net Worth: Is the kickboxer richer than MrBeast?
Andrew Tate vs MrBeast

Coming to the aspect of Andrew Tate’s net worth in 2022, the former kickboxer holds a net worth of $350 million USD as of August 2022. Although, Tate declared “I became a trillionaire quite recently” when he appeared in one of the live stream sessions of Adin Ross. Viewers also found him showcasing his car collection, property, etc. compelling everyone to be curious about his income source.

Even though his career started with kickboxing, Tate eventually became a businessman and sports commentator. Thus being the source of his income. Although, he has admitted that his primary source of income comes from his website named ‘Hustler’s University’. Where gets cryptocurrency lessons as well as how they can lead a lavish lifestyle, provided they subscribe to his website, paying a significant amount of fees.

Apart from the website, Andrew Tate owns numerous casinos. Tate also invests in cryptocurrency which ensures a heft amount of cash for him. Despite this, the question remains whether his net worth is more than Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, who is one of the most prominent YouTube content creators right now.


MrBeast recently amassed 100 million subscribers on YouTube helping him to get YouTube’s famous ‘Red Button’. While he is a businessman and philanthropist as well, most of his income comes from YouTube. As of 2022, his net worth is $54 million approximately whereas YouTube has the lion’s share of $25.8 million.

Therefore the former kickboxer Andrew Tate is actually richer than MrBeast in 2022. Although, with the former internet personality’s banned accounts, it is possible that his net worth could fall drastically.

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