Best Settings for Apex Legends Mobile: Sensitivity, Gameplay, and Graphics

Here are the Best settings for the newly launched game Apex Legends Mobile game, Sensitivity, Gameplay, and Graphics.

Best Settings for Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Gameplay and Graphics
Best Settings for Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Gameplay and Graphics

Apex Legends Mobile is now available in your app store or play store and players are also enjoying the game a lot, the game crossed 5 million downloads within a day from its launch around the globe. Many players are trying to optimize their game settings according to their preferences.

The game faces frame drops on some devices and for this, every player has to first check the game’s requirement, and second, you can do that follow these settings and graphic for the better experience of the game.

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Best Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Settings

Best Settings for Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Gameplay and Graphics
Best Settings of Apex Legends Mobile

Linked Sensitivity Adjustment – Off

  • FPS without ADS
    • Aiming – 200%
    • Shooting – 60%
  • TPP without ADS
    • Aiming – 200%
    • Shooting – 70%
  • Iron Sights 1x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 45%
    • Shooting – 45%
  • 2x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 36%
    • Shooting 36%
  • 3x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 26%
    • Shooting – 26%
  • 4x Optic ADS
    • Aiming 24%
    • Shooting – 24%
  • 6x Optic ADS
    • Aiming 18%
    • Shooting – 18%
  • 8x Optic ADS
    • Aiming – 14%
    • Shooting – 14%

Best Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay Settings

  • Auto Firing – Off
  • Left Fire Button – On
  • One-Tap ADS and Fire – Off
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Mode – Tap to Fire
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode – Tap to fire
  • ADS Mode – Hold
  • ADS Button Rotates Camera – Off
  • Aim Assist – On
  • TPP Optic – Classic
  • Auto-Open Doors – On
  • Auto Open Chests – On
  • Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty – On
  • Continuous Throwing – On
  • Tactical Ability Release Method – Classic
  • Ultimate Use Method – Classic
  • Allow Squadmate Control When Offline – Off
  • Joystick triggers Auto-Run – On
  • Crouching Controls – Tap
  • Slide Jump Control – Classic
  • Use the Crouch Button to rotate the camera – On
  • Use the jump button to rotate the camera – On
  • Climbing Control Mode – Classic
  • Climbing Prompt – Off
  • Zipline Button Settings – Display
  • Riding on Zipline modes – Single Tap
  • Vertical Zipline Interact Button – On
  • Vertical Zipline Direction Tips – On
  • Auto-Turn on Vertical Ziplines – Off
  • Assisted Zipline Floor Landing – Off

Best Apex Legends Mobile Graphics Settings

If you are looking for the game’s graphic settings for the game I should suggest you play on recommended graphic modes by Respawn Entertainment because they accurately optimized the graphic settings for the game. And if you are still facing problems, you should check the requirements of the game. Many players reported the frame drop issue in the new version but the apex legends mobile team is working on it and it takes time to fix the issue in the new patch.

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