“Its a f**king game!” Asmongold sarcastically responds to $240 billion worth Elon Musk’s viral GTA 6 tweet claiming it to be a ‘crime’

Asmongold goes off on people like Elon Musk for taking video games such as GTA 6 way too seriously.

“Its a f**king game!” Asmongold sarcastically responds to $240 billion worth Elon Musk’s viral GTA 6 tweet claiming it to be a ‘crime’

Asmongold and Elon Musk (Image via: Dotesport and business insider)

Since the launch of the much-anticipated GTA 6 trailer, the game has caused much controversy. This is pretty standard for the Grand Theft Auto series. The mainstream media has long targeted the series for its violence as well as the portrayal of women in the game. Similarly, celebrities like Elon Musk and Andrew Tate have spoken out against GTA 6

Twitch star Asmongold has joined the discussion, as he seems to have taken up an issue with Elon Musk‘s statement. A recent Twitter thread has gone viral, where Elon Musk weighs in with his opinion about the popular title by Rockstar Games


He claims that he tried the game but did not like doing crimes. He added that the game required shooting police officers in the opening scene, which he couldn’t do.

The South African billionaire responded to a tweet stating that he had not played any Grand Theft Auto games. Asmongold encountered this thread while browsing his subreddit stream on December 6th, 2023. He said that this statement by Elon Musk was a “soy tweet.”

Asmongold reacts to Elon Musk’s GTA 6 Tweet

Asmongold emphasized that the actions taken in such video games are not real by repeatedly screaming, “It’s a f*cking game.” He continued to say that the game was not real. Asmongold added that this is not the case for a voodoo doll. If you shoot a police officer in the game, it does not shoot a police officer in real life. 

Asmongold Elon Musk Tweet
Image via: YouTube/@asmongold
The point is that - it's a f**king game! It's a f**king game, it's not real. If I shoot a police officer in Grand Theft Auto... this isn't like a f**king voodoo doll, where it shoots a police officer in real life. It's not a big deal! It doesn't matter! It's not real. So, there it is.
Asmongold said on his YouTube channel

Hence, this was not a big deal and didn’t matter in the long run as it was not real. He further called it a soy tweet, despite knowing people would get mad at him for his comments. He further added that he was a big supporter of the police. Additionally, Asmongold clarified that he was not a police hater or police abolitionist by any means. 

Asmongold further commented that he did not understand why people got so emotional about committing crimes in video games such as GTA 6. He further emphasized that this is just a video game, and he finds it very weird when people get emotionally attached to games. 

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