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BGMI 1.8 update patch notes: Spiderman and Aftermath game modes, gameplay improvements, and more

Krafton has released the official patch notes of BGMI 1.8 update which includes details regarding the new features. This article says all about that.

BGMI 1.8 update patch notes

The much-awaited update of Battlegrounds Mobile India has hit the servers and is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Krafton has also released BGMI 1.8 update patch notes to give a sneak peek to the players regarding the new changes in the game.

With each new update, Krafton is giving us a taste of unique gameplay features. The collaboration-themed game modes are becoming a huge hit among the players as the previous update allowed them to transform themselves into Arcane characters and the 1.8 update has brought the Spiderman mode where players can equip the swinging abilities by landing on a certain location. Here we take a look at BGMI 1.8 update patch notes.

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BGMI 1.8 update patch notes

Livik: Aftermath


A new unranked mode will be available in the Livik map. Players can catch a glimpse of volcanic eruptions, hostile terrains, and the like. In addition to that, every firearm will come with a pre-equipped scope and players can instantly knock enemies with reduced recoil of the weapons. New features such as ziplines will help the players for faster movement across the map.

New systems

Certain new systems have been added to the classic mode maps such as the Supply stores that will be spread across different locations. Players need to collect shop coins in order to access the supply shops. If players are near a supply shop, they will be alerted automatically. Recall features will also be available in classic maps.

Separated Matching

Ranked and Unranked matches

With the new UI, players will have separate matchmaking for ranked and unranked matches. Matches played in the rank mode will affect the tier points of the players whereas the unranked matches would not affect the points. Aftermath mode of Livik is going to be present in Unranked mode.

In water knock out

Earlier, players who were knocked out in water died instantly. BGMI 1.8 update patch notes have stated this new feature where the player is not finished even when knocked out in the water but is rather left in a swimmable state. He/she can swim back to their teammates.

Merit Level and Reporting Cheaters

Merit system

The receipt and result of reporting cheaters have been improved to deliver more details to the players. Players who have a high merit level will be rewarded whereas players with a reduced merit level can increase it with gameplay time and contribution during the game.

Other changes include firearm balancing, automatic marking while hitting the enemies will also be a part of BGMI 1.8 update. Players can click here to know more details regarding BGMI 1.8 update patch notes.

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