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BGMI RPM7 Leaks: Rank 1 to Rank 50 elite rewards revealed

This article has revealed all of rewards that will be available in Month 7 of Royal Pass. RPM7 will be released later this month.

BGMI Royal Pass Month 7 Leaked Rewards

BGMI RPM7 Leaks: The rewards of Royal Pass Month 7 have been leaked on the internet before the conclusion of RPM6. Just like previous royal passes, players who are going to purchase Elite Pass can get exclusive outfits and never seen before weapon skins.

Battlegrounds Mobile India as well as PUBG Mobile players ardently wait for the royal passes of each month. With 1.5 update, the developers had revealed that there will be a total of two royal passes in each update. As the 1.7 update is about to get over, BGMI RPM7 Leaks have started taking a hit on the internet. Players can have a look at all of the new outfits, vehicle skins and stylish emotes before the pass goes live later this month.

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BGMI RPM7 Leaks: When will RPM7 release?

Image Credits: Natural YT

The current royal pass dubbed as Mythic Winter will conclude on 17th January,2022. This pass had brought winter themed outfits for the players. According to the recent BGMI RPM7 Leaks given by prominent YouTubers, Royal Pass Month 7 named ‘Royal Guard’ will be available on 18th January at 7:30 AM IST. It will be released along with BGMI 1.8 update that is going to bring an all new Spider Mode.

As usual, Month 7 Royal Pass of BGMI will come in three variants, Free, Elite and Elite Pluss. The Elite Pass, naturally, has more rewards for the players whereas the plus variant provides more benefits. Players need to shell out 360 UC and 900 UC respectively to purchase the upcoming Royal Pass.

Rank 1 to Rank 50 Elite RP rewards

Rank 1

Image Credits: Natural YT

A legendary outfit as well as a legendary skin of DP-28 will be provided at the very beginning of the royal pass. Many creators have claimed the DP-28 skin to be the best released so far. A matching headgear will be available at Rank 5.

Rank 10

Image Credits: Natural YT

The developers have made the comeback of a helmet’s skin for Royal Pass Month 7. The Gold Porcelain Helmet has a shiny blue color with white ornamental designs and can be obtained at Rank 10.

Rank 15

Image Credits: Natural YT

BGMI RPM7 Leaks have revealed that for the first time, a skin for stun grenade has been added in a Royal Pass. Players can claim the RPM50 Avatar at this rank as well as the Stun grenade skin.

Rank 20

Image Credits: Natural YT

This time, the developers have removed the backpack skin that was given at the 20th rank. Instead of that, Elite pass holders can claim the Crystal Jade Ornament for their backpack.

Rank 30

A vehicle skin for bike which was usually given when players participated in Royal Pass adventure. Much to the delight of players, the bike’s skin will be given at Adventure Rank 30 along with a unique mythic emote.

Rank 40

Image Credits: Natural YT

Upon reaching 40th rank, players who will purchase RPM7 can get the Golden Jade M16A4. This weapon is not used much by the players; however, this skin might compel the players to change their combat style.

Rank 50

Image Credits: Natural YT

Lastly, the most awaited mythic outfit that will be given in the highest rank is ‘Desert Warrior Outfit’. The outfit goes by the name of RPM7 i.e. Royal Guard. A matching mask and headgear will also be provided.

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