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Krafton disqualifies two teams from BGMI India Series 2021, Team SouL qualifies for semi-finals

Krafton has disqualified two teams from BGMI India Series 2021, as a result, Team SouL will now play at the semi finals.

Team SouL qualifies for BGMI India Series 2021 semi finals

Krafton is currently engaged in the advancement of BGMI India Series 2021 which features a whopping prize pool of 1 Crore. With the quarter finals being already concluded, 24 teams qualified towards semi finals, however, it has now been announced that two semi finalists have been disqualified.

After some tumultuous months of weeding out hackers and imposing new anti cheat measures, the developers went ahead with the most awaited tournament. As it is an open for all tournament, Krafton was extremely cautious against hackers, however, much to the disappointment of the developers, hackers made their way into the tournament. Many teams were banned previously on account of cheating and the latest disqualification comes for two teams who violated other rules.

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Krafton disqualifies two teams from BGMI India Series 2021

Teams disqualified from BGMI India Series 2021

BGMI India Series 2021 was announced to be conducted in five stages where the first three stages were conducted in different rounds. As the first round of online qualifiers began, Krafton banned three teams who were accused of using cheating tools in the game.

After the successful rounding up of the quarter finals, top 24 teams advanced towards the semi finals which are going to commence from January 7th. Amidst that, Krafton made a big announcement that Team PLM and Team Heroes have been disqualified from the tournament due to the violation of rules mentioned in the rulebook of the tournament.

The mentioned teams have been violated under the section 2.1.5, 3.2 and 6.2.4 of the BGIS 2021 rulebook. Apparently, these teams have been banned due to ‘Ringing’ which implies playing under someone else’s account. Both of the teams are underdogs and their disqualification shows that Krafton is making certain to keep the tournament fair for everyone.

Semi finals schedule

As the two teams have been disqualified, Team SouL who were earlier disqualified from the semi finals after slipping down to the seventh position scoring 49 points will now be going ahead in the tournament along with the 23 other teams. Team SouL BGMI roster consisted of Viper, Viru, Roxx and Yuva.

The star studded team which was earlier struggling at the official tournaments carries a lot of expectations from the fans as they head towards the semi finals.

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