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Snax leaves Velocity Gaming after team’s exit from BGMI India Series 2021

Raj "Snax" Varma has announced his decision to leave Velocity Gaming after poor performance in BGMI India Series 2021. This article says all about that.

Snax leaves Velocity Gaming

In a shocking turn of events, Raj Varma known by his in game alias VLT Snax has announced his decision to leave Velocity Gaming, a roster where he was recently acquired. The announcement comes after team’s poor performance in BGMI India Series 2021.

The recent days were filled with surprises for the fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India as their favourite teams and players embarked on a journey towards BGMI’s biggest tournament so far featuring 1 Crore prize pool. The qualification and elimination of professional teams taking on with underdog teams has been the talk of the BGMI community. Things took a different turn when it was announced that Velocity Gaming will be eliminated from BGMI India Series 2021.

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Snax leaves Velocity Gaming following elimination from BGMI India Series 2021

Velocity Gaming BGMI roster

Velocity Gaming that is mainly known for their powerful Valorant roster made heads turn after their announcement of entering into the competitive scenario of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The acquisition of ex Team IND players came as a cherry on top as the team were on their top notch performance then.

Fans had lot of expectations from the team as it featured Raj “Snax” Varma, one of the most successful player of Battlegrounds Mobile India. As a part of Team IND, Snax with his teammates consisting of Slayer, DaljitSK and others won the first official tournament of the battle royale game as well as several other tournaments.

BGMI India Series 2021

After Team IND’s roster disbandment, all eyes were set on them who were now a part of Velocity Gaming. However, their exit from BGMI India Series 2021 left the players flabbergasted. Their elimination came after the third round of quarter finals where they had a poor performance in most of the matches.

There were speculations as to Snax leaving Velocity Gaming and the professional player confirmed it on his live stream. Although, Snax has also informed his fans that he is not joining any other team right now. After the conclusion of BGMI India Series 2021, he will take further decisions on joining other teams.

Velocity Gaming BGMI roster consisted of Snax, Attanki, Slayer and DaljitSK and Snax’s exit from the team might make things tough for the roster in further tournaments. It is unknown whether other players will follow Snax’s path or the team will be disbanded.

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