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Team XSpark bids farewell to BGMI ace Ultron

Team XSpark has bid farewell to their player Hemanth "Ultron" Sethi. The exit comes after the conclusion of BGMI India Series 2021.

Team XSpark bids farewell to Ultron

Team XSpark, a popular eSports organization that is owned by star player Tanmay ‘Scout’ Singh has bid farewell to BGMI pro Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi. The announcement came through the official Instagram handle of the organization and comes barely a week after the conclusion of BGMI India Series 2021.

Professional teams of Battlegrounds Mobile India continue to experiment with their rosters in order to create the perfect squad for carrying out their desired gameplay. As the major tournament hosted by Krafton came to an end, each team has got their share of memories as well as the zeal to do better in the further tournaments. Amidst this, Ultron’s decision of leaving the Spark squad came as a shock to his fans.

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BGMI star Ultron departs from Team XSpark


Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi is one of the most experienced players of PUBG Mobile who after starting his journey through Team Celtz, was roped in several organizations including Fnatic and finally Galaxy Racerz. Ultron entered Battlegrounds Mobile India with the same team that was retained in GXR (Galaxy Racerz) Esports.

Soon after, it was announced that the eSports organization based in UAE has decided to bench him along with Roxx and Owais. Ultron later decided to join Team XSpark that is owned by his fellow player Tanmay “Scout” Singh, although, a formal announcement of the BGMI roster was never made. After the conclusion of the BGMI India Series 2021, Ultron is leaving the roster.

The organization extended their well wishes to the player and offered their gratitude to him for being a part of a “roller coaster” ride. Ultron, on the other hand, also thanked his teammates for being a part of his journey. It is unclear as to wish eSports organization, Ultron is planning to join.

Team XSpark

Team XSpark were able to qualify for the finals of BGMI India Series 2021, however, their performance did not meet the expectations of the players as they finished at the twelfth position after the grand finals. As Ultron is a pro fragger, fans are waiting for which fragger would be taken on board.

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