“Be Safe” Mr Beast instructs Elon Musk after a recent viral tweet about ‘death under mysterious circumstances’

The retweets between Mr Beast and Elon Musk on the ownership of Twitter have taken a wholesome turn!

Mr Beast
Mr Beast Says "Stay Safe" to Elon Musk

Elon Musk has recently tweeted out about his mysterious demise soon, which had the Twitter community going. Mr Beast also responded to the tweet and tells Musk to be “Be Safe” aside from the joke.

The YouTube personality is someone who has rocked the platform with some crazy challenges including lots of money and other incredible big-scale projects. He has climbed up the social media hierarchy and become one of the most popular personalities on both YouTube and Twitter. Recently, with the ongoing Twitter ownership battle started off with Elon Musk, Mr. Beast had asked for the rights to Twitter if anything happened to the Tesla owner.

Mr Beast wishes Elon Musk to “Be Safe” after a viral tweet

Mr Beast
Mr Beast

The owner of Tesla had recently tweeted out a sudden and mysterious message that stated that he might die under mysterious circumstances soon. The Twitter community made the tweet viral and several well-known people commented on the tweet, some exclaiming about the suddenness and some making fun of it.

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The original tweet by Elon Musk Read “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowing ya“.

This sudden premonition of death made Twitter go crazy, figuring out what it actually meant. But some people found the fun in it, like Mr Beast who commented on the tweet saying, “If that happens can I have Twitter“. With the recent ownership of Twitter being challenged by Elon, who wanted to buy the social media platform for $44 billion, many people found the tweet by the young YouTuber to be very amusing.

YouTube: Neon Man

Moreover, Elon himself even replied to his comment saying okay. However, the content creator who seems to be a fan of Musk replied to his tweet again with “Jokes aside, be safe! I wuv u”. The wholesome comment made his fans very happy and this puts to rest the series of retweets by the content creator on the strange tweet by Elon.

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