BGMI: BMOC The Grind schedule, format and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set to welcome BMOC 2022 Grind, an invitational tournament before the commencement of BMOC 2022.

BGMI: BMOC The Grind schedule, format and more
BGMI The Grind

With the registrations of the first tournament of BGMI i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) being concluded, the eSports scenario of the game is picking up pace as amidst the lined up major tournaments, Krafton has announced BMOC The Grind, an exclusive tournament for professional BGMI players.

The competitive scenario of the battle-royale game looks very promising this year as the developers had announced a breif roadmap on how tournaments of the game will be conducted across the country. The first tournament, BMOC The Grind is all set to begin now.

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BGMI: BMOC The Grind details

After hosting a series of fun invitational tournaments on major occasions, Krafton is gearing up to host the first eSports driven tournament that is BMOC The Grind. Similar to Grind held previously during the time of BGIS, BMOC The Grind is set to welcome several professional teams who will be competing with the other qualified members of Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge.

BGMI: BMOC The Grind schedule, format and more
Grind Schedule

As the registrations for BMOC 2022 have already been concluded hassle free, Krafton has announced that they will be commencing with the invitational BGMI tournament from tomorrow i.e. March 31st, 2022. This will mark the onset of Qualifiers which are scheduled to conclude on 3rd April.

Coming up next is the League Stage which will begin from April 7th for the qualified invitational teams. After a fierce competition of three days, the teams who will be able to climb up further towards the Grand Finals will encounter each other virtually between April 14 and April 17th.

  • Qualifiers- 32 teams
  • League stage- 24 teams
  • Finals- 16 teams deciding one champion

The 32 teams at the beginning of BMOC The Grind will be divided into 4 different groups where they will play matches in a round robin format. At the end of Day 4, 24 teams with highest cumulation points will proceed with the league stage followed by sixteen teams at the Grand Finals.

Amidst this, the in-game qualifiers for registered BMOC players will begin on April 4th and conclude on 10th April. The online qualifiers of BMOC 2022 will see 64 teams (32 qualified+ 32 invited) battling with each other in the seed of 4 groups to proceed towards the grand finals.

BGMI: BMOC The Grind schedule, format and more

The invited teams and prize pool for the upcoming BGMI tournament has not been revealed yet but it ies expected that the details will be announced soon. Players should keep a track on the official website of the game for latest information.

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