BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals: Day 1 Results

The first day of BGMI Grind Scrims Grnad Finals kicked off today and Team XO is currently ruling the tournament in a dominating fashion. Here are the overall standings.

BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals: Day 1 Results
BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals

The grand finals of BGMI Grind Scrims kicked off today as the first day officially came to an end. Sixteen teams qualified for this major tournament and are eyeing for the winner’s prize of 50,000 INR. Here are the overall standings of Day 1 after six matches of aggressive battle between the teams.

Team XO was the star team of the first day of grand finals as their dominating form was visible throughout the six matches of the day after they ended the day with 80 points. Punk took the most number of finishes for his team. Team Forever consisting of Owais and Savitar were also brilliant today as the team took the highest number of finishes today. Fan favorite GodLike Esports also made a comeback today as they climbed up to the third spot taking 38 finishes and 78 points.

BGMI Grind Scrims: Grand Finals Day 1 Summary

BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals: Day 1 Results
Overall standings 1

Team Forever made a great start at the grand finals of the tournament after winning the first match. As usual, Savitar was the saviour of Team Forever who took 7 finishes and gave a whopping damage of 888. Team XO took 9 finishes and 21 points to claim the second position. The third team to get eliminated were GodLike who too accumulated 9 frags.

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The second Grand Finals match of BGMI Grind Scrims was played at Miramar, the favourite map of sniper experts. Fans got to see some remarkable clutches between Jonathan and Scout at this match. Although, the champions of league stage, Hyderabad Hydras were eliminated early at this match. Team XSpark claimed the victory at this match after successfully defeating GodLike and Skylightz.

The winners of the third match of BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals Day 1 were Marcos Gaming. The excellent rotation pulled off by the team to take the zone advantage greatly helped the players. CG7 was the star player of this match as he alone took 8 finishes from the total 9 finishes of his team. TSM and Team XO took 9 and 6 frags respectively at this match.

BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals: Day 1 Results
Overall standings 2

Team Mayhem were the winners of the fourth match as they defeated Savitar from Team Forever who took 8 frags. The last player of Team Forever was defeated outside the playzone, handing over an easy chicken dinner to Mayhem. The fifth match was won by Team XSPARK even after they had a disadvantage of zone and team members. XSPARK became the only team to secure two chicken dinners at the grand finals.

The sixth and last match of BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals was won by the table toppers, Team XO with a series of grenades and bullet sprays at the end defeating Rivalry Esports with ease. Senseii and Punkk took 6 and 5 frags each to help their team win the match. The performance of Neyoo and ClutchGod from GodLike was also notable.

Top 4 players

BGMI Grind Scrims Grand Finals: Day 1 Results
Top 4 players
  • Savitar01 – 22 finishes (Team Forever)
  • GiLLOP – 15 finishes (Team XSpark)
  • Ninja – 13 finishes (TSM)
  • Punkk – 13 finishes (Team XO)

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