BGMI Masters LAN Day 1 Results : Surprising entries from each different team!

The BGMI Masters LAN has taken off and here are all the four matches that happened today!

BGMI Masters Series: Teams, Schedule and everything you need to know
BGMI Masters Series

The epic journey of the BGMI Masters LAN has officially begun. With 24 teams participating in the event spanning over a period of 22 days, the first day has officially come to an end.

Following are the results for the first day of the BGMI Masters LAN and here are a few things we found noteworthy in the beginning of the 22 day long saga.

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BGMI Masters LAN Day 1 Results

The first day of the BGMI Masters LAN Series has come to an end and here are the statistics that led teams to victories and got them to where they currently are in the standing as of now.

Match 1 : Erangel

The first map was the ever classic map of Erangel where each team has had the most amount of experience due to it being the original map that people were introduced to.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Chemin Esports to sign up ex 8bit BGMI lineup, as per sources
Chemin Esports

The map was taken by Chemin eSports but the real eye candy was to see Rocksta from R-Esports in action during the final circle holding his own against 3 players from Chemin Esports at the BGMI Masters LAN Day 1.

Match 2 : Miramar

The second sandy map of Miramar saw an awfully slow start with barely any action in the early stages and the first elimination coming ion 14 minutes into the match. Each team tried to take it slow and not pick fights in the early circles and it only made things tougher for htem in the end.

Orangutan Esports at BGMI Masters LAN
Orangutan Esports

In the end, it was Orangutan Esports who finished up with the Chicken Dinner having the advantage of being on the high ground and tons of free kills while also being favoured by the formation of the zones.

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Match 3 : Sanhok

On the extremely small yet elusive map of Sanhok, we saw the participation of Groups C and Group B at the BGMI Masters LAN who were already pretty warmed up from the previous two matches.

This was the first map we saw the reigning champions Team SouL coming into play and with their constant heals coming in, they were able to make it to the top 3 after which they were eliminated in the 6th circle.

Team SouL Esports announces new BGMI roster for 2022 tournaments
SouL Esports

In the end, it was Blind Esports and Orange Rock Esports going head to head against each other in a 3v3 situation as both teams had lost one mate sometime throughout the match. It was Orange Rock Esports that came out on top in the end and won the game while getting their first Chicken Dinner of hopefully many.

Match 4 : Erangel

We finished today’s fight back where it had started as the 4th match of the day brought us back to the greenery of Erangel where we saw Team 8bit jumping into action alongside Orange Rock, and Orangutan Esports who made sure we got an amazing show in the Gatka side circle.

“King is back”: Fans react as BGMI star Regaltos joins 8bit eSports
8Bit eSports

It was even more surprising to see Team XO jump into the action with an unbelievable third party fight and taking away the Chicken Dinner from under everyone’s noses.

Overall, the beginning of the 22 day long saga of the BGMI Masters LAN was full of uncertainties and amazing in a sense that this is going to be a fair fight in the truest sense as we are seeing all teams performing amazingly well on the first day!

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